10 Questions for Canadian Mini O’s Racers | #20 Jeremy McKie

By Billy Rainford

Once again, we had a strong contingent of Canadian amateur racers head south to the Mini O’s to race both Supercross and Motocross. Since it would have been impossible to snag them all for interviews when the racing ended on Saturday before they left for home, we’ve decided to ask them all the same 10 questions.

#20 Jeremy McKie

#20 Jeremy McKie raced 250B and 250B Ltd..

Direct Motocross: How old are you and where are you from?

Jeremy McKie: I’m 15 year old and I’m from Beloeil, Québec.

How did you get into Motocross?

I got into motocross at the age of 3 from my dad. He got me a Yamaha PeeWee 50 and I started riding under a bridge near my house. Then went to real track and really loved it. In 2009, he built our own track which I’m training there since!

How many times have you been to the Mini O’s?

I’ve gone to Mini O’s 7 times in my whole life.

What did you like better, SX or MX?

I like better the MX track but recently performed better in SX.

Jeremy was most impressed with Jalek Swoll and Ty Masterpool

What was your best race on the SX track? (Sorry, they all get the same questions)

I think my best race was probably in 250B Limited with  a good start and 11th place overall.

What was your best race on the MX track?

MX was harder due to bad starts and crashed in my main event, but still showed good speed and did the best that I could in my qualifier by coming from dead last to 15th place!

What did you think of the event?

I think it’s a really fun event because there are activities and the schedule of Supercross and Motocross is really fun. Also, we don’t need to qualify anywhere to go to the event, so you show up and do your best to make it in the final!

Who impressed you the most that you saw race?

The riders that would have impressed me the most at this race were for sure Jalek Swoll and Ty Masterpool. Jalek Swoll because he just moved up from the B class and won A class. Ty Masterpool was insane on the outdoor track. He was riding faster lap times than the top A riders!

Do you plan on going back?

For sure going back next year in the B class to make top 10 in every one of my mains.

Jeremy will be down south training over the winter to get ready for the East Nationals, Walton TransCan, and the Mini O’s.

What are your winter plans?

We are going south for 3 weeks over Christmas break to train. Going one month in march to also train! Going to train the most that I can physically and on the bike for next season, so we perform well in East Nationals, Walton TransCan and Mini O’s.

Who would you like to thank? 

I would like to thank my mom and dad, Motorsport St-Césaire, Yamaha Canada, Axxel suspension, Kutvek Amerika, Oakley, Troy Lee Designs, Forma boots, MD Distribution, Mika Metals, Nihilo Concepts, Asportek, SMX Motocross, Mobius brace, Fuel socks, DT1 filters, Motovan and FMF.