10 Questions for Canadian Mini O’s Racers | #474 Hunter Vaughan

By Billy Rainford

Once again, we had a strong contingent of Canadian amateur racers head south to the Mini O’s to race both Supercross and Motocross. Since it would have been impossible to snag them all for interviews when the racing ended on Saturday before they left for home, we’ve decided to ask them all the same 10 questions.

#474 Hunter Vaughan

Hunter Vaughan raced Schoolboy 2 (13-17) and 250 B.

Direct Motocross: How old are you and where are you from?

Hunter Vaughan: I am 15 years old and I am from Waterville, NS.

How did you get into Motocross?

My parents took me to a race when I was little and I really liked it and I wanted to try it. So, my dad got me a KTM 50 SX and we practiced in front of my house every day.

How many times have you been to the Mini O’s?

This was my first time at Mini O’s.

What did you like better, SX or MX?

This is my first year doing SX. I did the Montreal Supercross then in Quebec then Mini O’s, so I don’t have a lot of experience in it. SX is a lot different than MX. I liked the MX better.

Hunter was impressed simply by the way they ride at these big events.

What was your best race on the SX track? (Sorry, they all get the same questions)

My 3rd moto was my best.

What was your best race on the MX track?

My best race was the last chance qualifier.

What did you think of the event?

I really learned a lot over the week. It really opened my eyes. We have more of technical tracks and their tracks are wide open so you have to get used to all different kinds of tracks.

Who impressed you the most that you saw race?

I knew going into this race I was going into it blind so I was just taking it all in. Seeing how they did their corners, how they jumped, how they passed…I didn’t really watch any one person.

Do you plan on going back?

I hope to go back next year.

Hunter will race some Arenacross over the winter and hopes to head down south again after Christmas.

What are your winter plans?

My plan for the winter is to work out, keep in shape, go to the gym, do some Arenacross, and hope to head down to the states after Christmas.

Who would you like to thank? 

I would like to thank my dad and mom, HAF Skate and Tattoo, Callus Gloves, Oneonemotorsports, Valley Yamaha, Infinity Wind, TNT Suspension, MMMXP, Mill Hill, Titan Electrical, TBA, Troy Bennett, all my friends and family who stand behind me and believe in me.