2007 RM 250 Project Bike | Update #2

Darren Pilling (Pillow) has been busy out in Vancouver getting more parts for his 2007 Suzuki RM 250 2-stroke upgrade/project bike.

Here’s his latest:

Gotta love your “bling” CR125 build on Facebook, but that is so not me. Like Dad always said, “If it don’t go, chrome it!”

This is my “bling” purchase, the all Yellow Polisport restyle kit that I got from KDL Moto in Alberta.

This should be a big improvement over those goofy floating brake rotors and 13-year-old master cylinder seals and waterlogged brake fluid.

I grabbed a 2018 CRF front master cylinder, Galfer steel braided brake line and Braking rotors. For the rear, another Braking rotor, Galfer steel braided brake line and I’m just waiting for brake pads.

I called GDR’s Derek Schuster to ask him what Colton (Facciotti) ran and he said stock Honda pads most times, so that is what is on order.

Ha ha, the good stuff…It hasn’t arrived yet but a Magura hydraulic clutch is in transit, I have the Hinson basket and a new complete DP clutch.

I’m pretty sure this will all go unnoticed as instead of buying the Hinson clutch cover I used that budget for more go…the VForce 3 was the same price.

Since you can only spend a dollar once…go over show always wins!

The suspension is at RG3 right now. Curtis (Sembalerus) at RG3 Western Canada is doing some magic. I rode the bike a couple times last year (it has really low hours, not a beater like your FB post CR125) but the suspension was just a mess, something was just wrong. We’ll get the details next week.

I’m working in the frame this weekend. No, I am not powder coating it. I am using the same stuff that is used for King of the Hammers/Pro4/Pro2 trucks…Steel It.

It is a liquid stainless steel urethane, goes on like paint, and if it is tough enough for Off-Road Racing it will work great on dirt bikes.

[A couple days later…]

Santa arrived today with gifts.

Magura Hydraulic clutch, VForce 3 reed cage, and some classic Works Connection frame guards.

I might need to start working on this thing soon…