Kieran Doherty Podcast #13 from ‘Across the Pond’ | Sold Out in Sheffield

5 Minutes with…Westen Wrozyna

5 Minutes with…Westen Wrozyna By Jeff McConkey Newtonville, Ontario, rider, Westen Wrozyna, has had the eyes of the Canadian motocross nndustry fixed on him since he was a very young amateur rider. He moved up through the ranks and turned Pro the same year that saw Dylan Wright and Jess Pettis do the same. After a couple years with support from the GDR Honda Team, Westen will now make the

5 Minutes with…Guillaume St. Cyr

5 Minutes with…Guillaume St. Cyr By Jeff McConkey One of the coolest things about Pro sports is the route athletes take to get there. Everyone has their own story, but the goal is always the same. When a rider makes the move from Amateur to Pro, it usually comes with a lot of ups and downs as they get acclimated to the increased pace and longer motos. Quebec rider, Guillaume

Monday Morning Coffee

Monday Morning Coffee By Billy Rainford Wake me up when it’s time to head down to Atlanta and Daytona! Wow, the ‘winter without snow’ disappeared in a hurry around here. Seriously, we went from green grass and the ability to ride to about 2 feet of snow here in the London, Ontario, area. Seemingly, overnight! On Saturday, we ventured out into the blizzard (I finally bought some off-camera flash equipment)

McThoughts: San Diego 2 SX | 450 Class

McThoughts: San Diego 2 SX | 450 Class By Jeff McConkey Six rounds down and the racing has been very solid every week. Yes, it is pretty much a given that Ryan Dungey will always be on the podium, but there are some really good battles going on throughout the pack. The class is so stacked, we have some serious heavy hitters outside of the top 10 every week. We

McThoughts: San Diego 2 SX|250 West

McThoughts: San Diego 2 SX|250 West By Jeff McConkey After 6 rounds of Monster Energy 250 West Supercross, we actually have a very exciting championship battle brewing. Early on in the season, it was ‘The Cooper Webb Show.’ Cooper was so dominate, there was actually a lot of talk about a possible perfect season. Well, fast forward a few weeks and Cooper has lost his points lead to the always-improving