The Parts Canada Walton Pro Open|Top 3 Onstage Burnouts

Monday Morning Coffee

Monday Morning Coffee By Billy Rainford First off, let me thank these three sponsors for supporting our 2016 Parts Canada Walton TransCan content: We haven’t had time to get to our Saturday finals stuff yet, so as soon as you get finished this cup of coffee we’ll get to work on our ‘Championship Saturday’ photo report. Were you at Walton this year? Wow, what a week. How about that humidity?!

Parts Canada Walton Pro Open|PODCASTS

Parts Canada Walton Pro Open|PODCASTS   We speak to a few riders at the end of the day after the inaugural Parts Canada Walton Pro Open. #59 Joey Crown #77 Justin Roney #18 Brad Nauditt #36 Davey Fraser #56 Nathan Bles #68 Taylor Ciampichini #116 TJ Albright #15 Shawn Maffenbeier #11 Kaven Benoit        

Parts Canada Walton Pro Open|RESULTS

Parts Canada Walton Pro Open|RESULTS Payout Structure: Per Moto Payout Schedule 1)$350 2)$250 3)$200 4)$175 5)$150 6)$140 7)$130 8)$120 9)$115 10)$100 11)$100 12)$100 13)$90 14)$80 15)$70 16)$60 17)$50 18)$45 19)$40 20)$35 21)$30 22)$25 23)$20 24)$20 25)$20 Super Final Payout Schedule 1)$2500 2)$1800 3)$1500 4)$1200 5)$1050 6)$900 7)$825 8)$750 9)$675 10)$630 11)$600 12)$570 13)$540 14)$510 15)$480 16)$435 17)$405 18)$375 19)$345 20)$330 21)$300 22)$270 23)$240 24)$210 25)$180 26)$150 27)$120 28)$105 29)$90 30)$90

Walton TransCan|Just the Friday Mud

Walton TransCan|Just the Friday Mud By Billy Rainford Jeff Morgan and I just stood by the van and snapped shots as the poor riders in the MX3 Jr. A and MX3 Jr. B classes tried to get their final motos of the day in. It was ugly, but it makes for some unique shots, so here we go. No words are really necessary here.

Walton TransCan|Friday Photo Report

Walton TransCan|Friday Photo Report By Billy Rainford What started out as a normal, warm SWO day at the Parts Canada TransCan ended with a huge windstorm that brought torrential rain for about 20 minutes. It was the kind of storm that can only last a short time. The MX3 Jr. B riders were out on the track when it hit and the race got red flagged for pretty obvious reasons.

Frid’Eh Update #34 Presented by Two Wheel Motorsport

Frid’Eh Update #34 Presented by Two Wheel Motorsport By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford Welcome to Week #34 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update, this week brought to you by Two Wheel Motorsport in Guelph, Ontario. Week #32 belongs to the rider who calls Newtonville, Ontario, home. Westen Wrozyna has always been a rider to keep your eye on – from his amateur progression to his time as a Pro, he’s