2017 Kawasaki Ontario Enduro Championship

For Immediate Release – June 27, 2017

It is unfortunate we must announce the rescheduling of Round #2 of the Kawasaki Ontario Enduro Championship to be held near Shelburne, Ontario due to excessive rain in the area. The region has been hit with rainfall well above average resulting in very wet conditions and a course that would not meet the standards of this excellent series. Much of Southern Ontario has been impacted by a spring that has more rain than normal so the event will be rescheduled to later in the summer at a location to be determined.

After such a great event at round #1 in Staffordville, we know riders have been anxious to compete again at this favorite location. As this series must cater to all size bikes, it is much more sensitive to ground conditions.

We can report at this time that work is underway at the new location in Meaford for round #4 “The Grand Finale” hosted by Knott Construction. This course is very resistant to rain and the new trail system will guarantee to please. The facilities at the Knott ranch will cater extremely well to the needs of our racers.

Please stay tuned for more details as they develop.. the season is still young and there is a lot of racing still to do!

Events still to come-

Round #2 –  date and location to be announced – may be after Wingham

Round #3 – August 19th – Wingham, Ontario

Round #4 – October 1st – Meaford, Ontario

Specific details regarding each round will be released in the days leading up to the event. Keep watching www.worldendurocanada.comfor up to date news and contact information.

Kyle Bichard & Wolfgang Wiesner