2018 Favourite Photos | Riverglade Round 7

By Billy Rainford

It’s that time of year again when we look back over the calendar year, hand out awards and go over some of our favourite moments. As a would-be photographer, here’s my favourite photo(s) from Round 7 of the 2018 Rockstar Triple Crown Motocross Tour.

I was feeling pretty rushed at round 7 at Riverglade in Moncton, NB this past summer because I knew I had to leave the track and head directly to Tennessee for Loretta Lynn’s amateur championship.

What was amazing this year in the maritimes was that the top 4 riders in the 450 class all finished with 50 points. Add to that, the 5th place finisher had 49! 5 riders all within 1 point of taking the win. There’s no way that has happened very often.

The 450 podium at Riverglade: Cole Thompson, Matt Goerke, Dillan Epstein.

The 450 podium at Riverglade was Cole Thompson 50 points (4-2), Matt Goerke 50 points (3-3), Dillan Epstein 50 points (2-4).

Behind these 3 podium finishers it was Colton Facciotti with 50 points (1-6) and then Kaven Benoit in 5th with 49 points (7-1).

Cole Thompson got the overall in Moncton. | Bigwave photo

That math was enough to tip the scales that way for round 7. We’re off to Deschambault, Quebec, next.