KTM Canada Newsletter – January 10th , 2018


At KTM, we are READY TO RACE! We understand that to make it to the next level, a rider needs the best products combined with the best Factory support. Thanks to the KTM Red Bull THOR Factory Racing Team, Orange Brigade Team and our Contingency program, KTM is an industry leader and currently supports over 120 Canadian riders and also work with a number of racing organizations across all of Canada.


KTM would like to take this opportunity to congratulate every rider that showed spectacular speed, remarkable dedication, amazing results and those who earned their KTM Cash contingency in 2018!


In 2018 KTM delivered $113,450 in contingency to our racers!


It is also important for us to highlight the support our KTM dealers are providing for all of our racers programs. KTM would like to extend a thank you to our dealers for supporting these hard-working and dedicated racers on their road to victory.


KTM is incredibly proud of our “Orange Bleeders” and would like to showcase the top 10 KTMCash, earners, our Factory Racing Team and our Orange Brigade racers:


Top 10 KTMCash.com earners:


1. Eve Brodeur

2. Joey Crown

3. Josh Osby

4. Tanner Ward

5. Tory Massey

6. Sebastien Racine

7. Mitchell Bradbury

8. Ryan Dowd

9. Brock Henry

10.Max Filipek


Factory Team:

·         Cole Thompson (Ontario)

·         Kaven Benoit (Québec)

·         Tanner Ward (Ontario)


Orange Brigade Team:

·         Jacob Piccolo (British-Columbia)

·         Ryder McNabb (Manitoba)

·         Eve Brodeur (Quebec)



Again, congratulations to all the Orange Bleeders and Thank you to our incredible Dealer Network!