2018 Rockstar Triple Crown Awards

By Billy Rainford

From the 2nd floor ballroom in the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Hamilton, here’s a look at who won what for the 2018 Rockstar Triple Crown season.

We blasted through the awards in record time this year. The food was great and now it’s time for some bench racing.

Here’s a look at the individual awards.

Daniel Sedlak from Stact got up to talk about the features to be introduced next season that will take data tracking to a whole new level in 2019.

Justin Thompson had a hard time getting through his heart-felt speech where he thanked everyone for all their hard work and support.

Dusty Wise got up and gave away the DND underdog award.

It went to #10 Keylan Meston.

Laura Lang gave out the Rookie of the Year award to career #46 Marco Cannella. The other nominees were Tanner Ward and Wyatt Waddell.

Most Improved Rider went to #5 Tyler Medaglia and was accepted by Team Owner, Gerhart Huber. Other nominees were Jared Petruska and Keylan Meston. Kyle Thompson got dressed up for the occasion, so he was allowed in almost every photo.

Team of the Year was between all of the major teams and went to Kevin Tyler and the MX101 guys.

Team Manager of the year went to Adam ‘Disco Stu’ Robinson.

Mechanic of the Year went to Justin Petker of the GDR Team. Colton Facciotti accepted for him. Also of note, he walked up and shook Cole Thompson’s hand as he walker back to his seat.

The Hard Charger Award went to Matt Goerke against Tanner Ward and Davey Fraser.

Davey Fraser won Most Sportsmanlike over Tyler Medaglia, Keylan Meston, and Wyatt Waddell. He also accepted Track of the Year for Riverglade.

Most Consistent Rider went to Triple Crown winner, #16 Cole Thompson.

The Total Devotion Award went to both Daryl Murphy and Paul Kingsley.

And that was it! I just looked around to do a few interviews etc., but the crowd has pretty much cleared out of here! It was a great year and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2019.

It’s time to head to the Mini O’s, so I’m also out of here!