2019 Mini O’s | Wednesday | Day 3

By Billy Rainford

The day started out warmer and the fog had already lifted when I got to the track. I was upgraded to my own room at the house after Brendan headed back to Palm Coast, so I was on a full night’s sleep and feeling great as we headed into the final day of SX racing before moving over to some MX practice later in the afternoon.

The Schoolboy 1 restart final was on the line when I parked the van and that meant that #494 Thomas Rendall was on the track.

#494 Thomas Rendall.

I stood and watched with his dad, Reece Rendall, and he mentioned that Thomas had been squeezed over a berm and off the track early in the race. He was in a bar to bar battle with a few riders and trying to move his way up.

It’s amazing to see how fast he’s going and then realize he was all the way back in 31st place! These kids are fast.

#158 Nathan Snelgrove.

#158 Nathan Snelgrove was up next in the 65 (7-9) main.

He got off to a nice jump and worked his way through a few riders as they rounded turn one and past the mechanics area for the first time.

He had riders all over him but managed to fight off their attacks and take 10th place at the flag. That means he’ll be on the stage at the awards ceremony tonight. Well done, Nathan.

#18 Leith Ness.

Supermini 2 had #18 Leith Ness on the line. He was in tough against some stiff competition in this one but I will say I was very impressed with how hard he rode in this final.

He got off to a good start and put himself in the mix to test himself against some heavy hitters. He was 21st on lap 2 and had riders all around him the entire time. It was fun to watch.

He crossed the line around 22nd and should be proud of that performance.

The final race of the SX portion of the week was the little PW’s. #22 Weston Snelgrove was on the track and looked like he was having a great time. There was a full gate for this one, so it’s another great sign for the health of our sport.

#34 Jarrett Frye grabbing the 450 A/Pro Sport holeshot and then hanging on for the win.
I don’t know if this is faster, and I don’t care. #67 Jesse Flock launching this every lap is one of the things I’ll remember from this year.
#402 Gage Linville was leading the 125 B/C with 3 corners to go when his bike quit on him.
Kyle Snelgrove and Kenzey Hennessy think they’re OG’s…
#411 Nick Romano is fresh off little bikes and giving the B class riders fits already.
Did someone ask for one more shot of Flock launching this thing?

It was then time to dust off the road bike and go for a ride on this warmest day of the week so far.

I already wrote my stupid story from today on our Instagram page. Leave it to me…

Full results can be found here:


Here are a few shots from MX practice this afternoon:

#161 Justin Burge.
#18 Leith Ness.
#53 Bjorn Viney.
Not Canadian but who cares…that’s a 500 2-stroke!
#22 Richard Krzemien.
#43 Noah Viney.
I’ve turned my back on winter down here. Happy American Thanksgiving tomorrow and see you at the races…