2019  Ontario Enduro Championship
This SATURDAY, August 24, at the Bob Rumball Camp for the Deaf just south of Parry Sound will be Round #5 of the Ontario Enduro Championship.

Although this is a well known motorcycle facility, it is an exciting new location for this series. We are thankful for the support of the Deaf Camp which is well know for providing youth programs for decades.

This round will feature a longer trail loop than past events.  The course will be challenging and entertaining for all classes, yet still able to be conquered by small wheel bikes. 
This is a  series for Youth Riders 18 years of age and under plus a Vintage class for riders of any age on bikes made in 1989 or older. Motorcycles are not required to be plated or insured, as well there is no membership or transponder fee!
If you have a rider under 18 years of age attending, both parents must sign a liability waiver. The form is located here if one or both parents are not attending please print and sign in advance.  Liability Waiver 

Registration opens at 8:30am, race start 11:00am 

Camping is available both Friday and Saturday. 

Entry fee for all classes $35.
Location:   236 Blackstone Crane Lake Rd, Parry Sound, ON P2A 2W8

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