2019 Royal Distributing Canadian Cross Country Championship West – Grand Finale
The 2019 season came to a close this past weekend with another successful Rev Limiter Cross Country at the Silverstar Resort in Vernon, British Columbia. Andrew Christiansen and his group did a fantastic job as usual organizing this event with high praise being heard all around.

Joshua Bridge edged out Jason Schrage for the overall in Pro and we congratulate him on an excellent season. Marie-Claude Boudreau convincingly took the Women Expert Western title with consistent podium finishes.

2019 marks ten years of World Enduro Canada‘s national off-road series and over this period we have seen the rise of some very talented racers. It should be known that the only way the CXCC can happen is with the support of our sponsors Honda Canada, Yamaha Canada, Parts Canada, Husqvarna Canada and the great folks at Royal Distributing. A special shout out goes to Sarah Williams as the eyes and ears in the West.

Thanks and congratulations to all the racers who competed this year and followed this series. The 2019 race season is now officially in the books. Snow will be flying soon but the dreams about racing in 2020 will keep us warm.

Cheers from all of us at World Enduro Canada

CXCC-W Final Standings: