2019 Team Canada MXON | Marilynn Bastedo Talks about the Team

By Billy Rainford

Kourtney Lloyd from Prince George, BC took on the duties of Team Canada MXON Manager for the years 2016, 2017, and 2018. Those years saw the team go to Italy, England, and the USA. Kourtney put out a statement recently explaining her decision to step down from the role for now but left the future open with the comment that she hopes “to one day be back Managing the Team under different circumstances but for now this is the decision I have to make.”

Kourtney’s stepping down left us wondering what this manager vacancy meant for Team Canada and the 2019 MXON in Assen, Netherlands, so I gave CEO of Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) and Deputy President, FIM North America Marilynn Bastedo a call.

What I always find interesting when I reach out to her is how happy and available she is to speak to someone from the Canadian motocross media. She always points out that I’m the only one to do so from the Motocross side of racing here in Canada.

I basically had two main questions.

Question #1: Why did the CMA and Kourtney Lloyd decided to part ways in 2019?

First off, Marilynn wanted to convey that she was “very disappointed” about Kourtney stepping down and that she “likes things in place for a long time.” She added that she is still “hopeful for a long-term team manager.

She said she was saddened that the was “no final conversation” between the two parties and commented that Kourtney seemed to have grown upset with the “number of requirements for a manager.”

Certain commitments from the 2018 MXON had not yet been met by the usual November announcement of the Team Manager. Therefore, the CMA couldn’t commit to the new team and position until those requirements were met. Kourtney would have been left with less time to get the team organized when she received the new application for the position. They have now been met and the application form has been posted up on the CMA website HERE.

Of course, the first thing a manager has to do when assembling a team is to choose some riders. From there, they need to make sure their teams want and would allow their riders to go to the race. Next, will they also support their riders financially to make it all happen? It’s a big puzzle and you can’t fit one piece until the previous one has been set, and this process takes time.

In the end, Kourtney decided she wan’t interested in going ahead with the position, given all the factors.

Question #2: What does this mean for Team Canada MXON in Holland for 2019?

Since the application for Team Manager was posted on the CMA’s website yesterday, there is still a chance we can see Team Canada represented in Assen on September 27th.

Applications are being accepted until April 15th.

The entry deadline for a team and its riders isn’t until 3 weeks prior to the event, so we still have until the end of August.

As Marilynn said, we have “…lots of time, but does anyone want to do the job?

It seems, in the past, the biggest stumbling block for applicants has been that the job also required a lot of fundraising. Apparently, the weight of raising all the money no longer lands solely on the manager’s shoulders. This fact should hopefully increase interest.

As with Team Canada ISDE, Team Canada MXON managers are, of course, encouraged to fundraise as much money as they can, but the CMA would like to keep control over the finances of teams, moving forward. This point should make applying for the job a little less daunting for most.

The Bottom Line:

There’s still time for someone to apply and be selected for the position. That means we could yet see the maple leaf represented on the line when the MXON takes place over on the sand track of Assen.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today, Marilynn, and best of luck getting Canada to the 2019 MXON and beyond.