#24 Cameron Wrozyna Wins 2018 DMX Total Devotion Award at the TransCan

Cameron Wrozyna wins the 2018 DMX Total Devotion Award and gets to spend a free week down at Club MX in South Carolina. In this photo: Jeff McConkey, Tanner Ward (2016 winner), Ben Graves, Cameron Wrozyna, and Billy Rainford) | Emily Nicholson photo

The Directmotocross.com Total Devotion award focuses on the rider at Walton TransCan that shows the ability to overcome adversity and shows total devotion to the sport of motocross on and off the track.

We’ve been awarding this ‘TDA’ since 2005 at the TransCan and it has given to some pretty deserving riders through the years. Here’s a look at the history of the award:

2005 Davey Fraser
2006 Ryan Millar
2007 Kyle McGlynn
2008 Zach Heydeman
2009 Nathan Bles
2011 Ty Shemko
2012 Dylan Wright
2013 Dallas Robertson
2014 Corey Sullivan
2015 Dan Tricco
2016 Tanner Ward

This year, we thought it was a pretty easy choice. There are always lots of great stories of perseverance at the TransCan, but Cameron Wrozyna‘s week in Walton this year seemed like the obvious choice.

He has the speed to win races in some of the fastest classes but he seemed to come up against mechanicals or silly mistakes that kept him off the podium more than a couple times.

He showed great composure and class each and every time he was faced with adversity and so we thought he was the perfect rider to get the TDA for 2018.

Along with the coveted ‘Total Devo’ flowerpot trophy, Cameron gets to spend a FREE week down at Club MX in Chesterfield, SC.

Huge thanks to Ben Graves and Brandon Haas, as well as the rest of the gang down at Club MX, for partnering with us again with this award. Club MX is always expanding to make your experience the best it possibly can to make you a better rider and person.

See you next year!