#25 Casey Keast Update

By Billy Rainford

Casey at the Popkum National in 2018. | Bigwave photo

Kelowna, BC’s Casey Keast has been a rider under the microscope since he was an ultra-fast, up-and-coming amateur prospect. He’s the kind of throwback character that I think our sport needs; he doesn’t always conform to the norms and likes to do things his own way, sometimes to his detriment. The majority of the most memorable personalities in our sport have been cut from this same cloth.

We haven’t spoken to the friendly racer in quite some time, and we began to wonder what his racing plans were, so we grabbed him for a short conversation.

He said he was the most fit he’s ever been last year for the 2018 season but that he maybe didn’t have the set up needed to always be where he wanted to be on the results sheet.

He earned #25 for the 2019 season and has been racing local events in his local district. In fact, he raced in Quesnel, BC and took all the wins in the top classes, so he’s ready to go.

Casey as a young Supermini prospect back in 2013. | Bigwave photo

Unfortunately, he hasn’t garnered enough attention or resulting support to quit his day job and continue to chase the professional motocrosser’s dream, so he’s been landscaping and working a Bobcat for his dad.

In his words, he’s been doing “more hanging out” lately and will likely be taking a step back from the regular scene this summer. He will, however, be lining up for the first two Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Motocross Series races in Calgary and Prince George. Depending on how he does, he may decide to head east to the 3rd round in Minnedosa, MB.

Of course, he would welcome any approach from a factory-supported team willing to take a look at him, but he’s not holding his breath. The 20-year-old figures 2019 may be a rebuilding year for him as he looks ahead to getting himself in top condition again for another future run at the series.

Interestingly, he’s been on a Kelowna Yamaha YZ450 and really enjoying the big bike. Does this mean we’ll see him lining up in the 450 class in Calgary? He wouldn’t say for sure, but seemed to be leaning that way.

We want to wish Casey all the best, and we’ll look for him when we get to Wild Rose MX Park on June 1st.