5 Lap Sprint | New Year’s Edition | Part 3

By Jeff McConkey

Here’s our 3rd and final edition of 5 Lap Sprint | New Year’s Edition – 5 people, 5 questions.

What was your best moment of 2016?

20161126-img_2505 Eve Brodeur

Eve Brodeur | Bigwave photo

Eve Brodeur – Women’s East National #1

My best moment of 2016 was definitely when I won all 8 motos of the Canadian nationals and I won the championship for the 3rd time in a row. It’s always a great feeling to be on top of the podium and think about all the hard work it took to get there, and it’s all worth it.  Another great thing that happened to me in 2016 was to be able to drive around the United States and meet so many new and awesome people who changed my life and made my season so much better.

Kerim Fitz-Gerald – South African National Champion

*editors note* Kerim missed answering this question, so I am going to guess for him. I would have to say competing at either Motocross des Nations or Red Bull Straight Rhythm.

Westen Wrozyna – National #27

I’d have to say my best moment was at Gopher Dunes when Frenchie (Luc Caouette) and Kawasaki Canada team built a race bike for me. Friday before the race, I wasn’t even sure I was going to make it to the line, and if I was, it was going to be on a stock bike.

Claudie Lapointe – KTM Canada

It’s hard to say, as 2016 was filled with so many great memories both on the professional and personal side.I have to say that being a part of KTM’s first MX1 title in Canada was awesome.

On the personal side, it was also a year full of Firsts: I bought my first house, did my first Off-Road rally, raced Walton for the first time, got my motorcycle street license, completed my first year in my new Marketing position, tried Downhill Mountain Bike for the first time in Whistler, did my first Track Day on a KTM RC Cup and traveled to Austria to see a Moto GP!

Chloe Metcalfe – Women’s East National #196

2016 was an amazing year for me. I got to train down south at JWTF in the winter, race the CDNWMX series, had my best finishes to date, and this fall I traveled around down south racing the Mini O’s and training at GPF. It’s hard to pick just one moment, but I would have to go with first moto of the Women’s Nationals at Gopher Dunes when I came out of the holeshot in 2nd right behind Eve Brodeur. That was the craziest feeling ever.

What was your lowest moment of 2016?


Eve Brodeur

My lowest moment of 2016 was probably my week at the Mini O’s. I came into the last round of the US WMX season ready to finish on a good note, but unfortunately I got hurt at the beginning of the week. I wasn’t riding like myself and as a result I didn’t make enough points to keep my 5th position in the series.

Jeff and Kerim

Kerim Fitz-Gerald | Bigwave photo

Kerim Fitz-Gerald

My rear wheel collapsing in qualifying at MXoN this year.

Westen Wrozyna

My lowest moment was at RJ’s when I experienced some fuel pump problems and had my first DNF of my Pro career.

Claudie Lapointe

I can’t really remember any low moments. I want to keep focusing on the positive, as it seems to bring even more good things into my life.

Chloe Metcalfe

2016 also had some pretty low points for sure. I spent a lot of time on the ground… Deschambault National was a hard one for me. I was riding in the top 10 when I crashed on one of the downhills and my front wheel locked up for the rest of the moto. I ended up finishing the moto, but after about a dozen more soil samples.

Name 1 New Year’s resolution that you haven’t been able to stick to in the past ? 

Eve Brodeur

I’ve never really taken the time to ask myself what I wanted to change for the upcoming year, so I guess I never really made any resolutions, but I think it’s time to change this.

Kerim Fitz-Gerald

I don’t think I have ever made a  New Year’s resolution. Maybe I should.

20160828 Westen Wrozyna

Westen Wrozyna | Bigwave photo

Westen Wrozyna

I love turtles, turtles are my weakness.

Claudie Lapointe

Lose weight… It’s getting bad… I really need to get it in 2017!

Chloe Metcalfe

A New Year’s resolution I’ve never been able to stick to is learning to budget. I’m forever spending too much money on my dirt bike… (Laughs)

What is your New Years resolution for 2017?

Eve Brodeur

For 2017, my first resolution would be to start making resolutions! But seriously, I want to come into this new season more prepared and ready. Also, I would like to help people in need. As I get older I start to realize that there’s more to this world than just my little person and that a simple thing for you can mean so much for somebody else. And I guess that my last resolution would be to start keeping my room clean… (I was forced to write this one, obviously) (Laughs)

Kerim Fitz-Gerald

I didn’t have one until 2 minutes ago, but it’s not really a resolution, but more of a thing I need to do, and that’s to come back and race some Canadian Nationals.

Westen Wrozyna

My New Year’s resolution is to look at every situation in life as the ‘glass is half full,’ not half empty.

Claudie Lapointe

Claudie Lapointe | Bigwave photo

Claudie Lapointe

Do more exercise! And get more seat time… whatever type of motorcycle it is… I just need to get more!

Chloe Metcalfe

I honestly think New Year’s Resolutions are silly. But if I were to have chosen one it would be to stay off the ground in 2017.

What are your plans and goals for 2017?

Eve Brodeur

This winter I will be training at Club57 in Florida to get ready for the upcoming season. We are still waiting on all the schedules to be out before we make our plans for next season, but I will for sure be attending the Canadian nationals and defend my title!

Kerim Fitz-Gerald

Have fun racing my dirt bike, from that I think I do my best and hopefully win some races and championships next year at home.

Westen Wrozyna

My plans and goals for 2017 are to head down south in the New Year, train my butt off and wherever and whatever I end up riding for in 2017 I want to be a consistent Top 5 guy in MX2.

Claudie Lapointe

I would like to keep growing personally and professionally. I want to reach some new milestones for myself and focus on the positive side of things as much as possible.

I would also really like to travel more with Chris (my boyfriend). We got to go to Monster Cup and the Grand Canyon together this year and I hope we can fit more destinations in 2017.

Obviously, the main goal is for me, my family and my friends to stay healthy and happy.

20161008- Chloe Metcalfe

Chloe Metcalfe | Bigwave photo

Chloe Metcalfe

I plan on racing a few of the Amsoil Arenacross rounds before I head down to JWTF to get ready for the CDNWMX series in the summer. I’ll definitely be racing the spring series in Ontario and hit up some Loretta Lynn’s qualifiers. I’m hoping to score myself a national number this year at the eastern nationals within the top 10!