5 Minutes with…#527 Jake Tricco

By Billy Rainford

We grabbed #527 Jake Tricco for a quick conversation at the end of the day at the Walton TransCan at Motopark. | Bigwave photo

If you’re someone who’s interested in who the up-and-coming riders are, you’re likely familiar with the name Jake Tricco.

Jake is the Collingwood, Ontario, rider who has been pegged for great things since he was on mini bikes. This year, he’s moved up to the yellow plates of the Intermediate classes and will be the rider to watch all summer long.

We were up at the 2nd Walton TransCan ANQ for Southwestern Ontario (SWO) at Motopark Sunday where Jake was busy winning races. We grabbed him for a quick chat at the end of the day, as everyone was getting ready to head home.

Direct Motocross: Hello, Jake. Can you tell everyone where you’re from and how you got into this sport in the first place?

Jake Tricco: I’m from Collingwood, Ontario, and my dad got me into Motocross.

What level did your dad, Dan Tricco, get up to when he raced?

He was at the top of his age group in the Plus 40 group for a few years.

You’re one of the kids we’re keeping our eyes on. What level did you race last season?

I raced all three Junior classes last year.

You’re now racing Intermediate. What did you get up to over the winter?

I spent 2 months at County Line training with some of the Motopark guys.

Who were you riding with?

Seth Hughes, Sam Gaynor was there a little bit, and there were a few others.

What are you keying in on for this season?

I’m just focusing on the Canadian stuff, the Intermediate class, and maybe do a couple Pro east rounds.

And the Walton TransCan, I’m assuming?


#527 Jake Tricco and his dad, Dan Tricco, at Motopark this past Sunday. | Bigwave photo

So, you’re hoping to hit a few of the Eastern rounds in the 250 Pro/Am class?

We’ll see how the year goes. We’ll see how my training goes and pretty much see how I feel.

Who’s guiding you through these decisions? How will you know if and when you’re ready?

About the Pro stuff, I’m saying that myself. Zeb (Dennis) and Iain (Hayden) are helping me with training this summer and getting me in shape and we’ll just see how I feel and maybe try some.

How old are you, and when’s your birthday?

I’m 15 years old and my birthday is July 3rd.

OK, we’re here at the 2nd SWO ANQ at Motopark today. You’re racing 3 classes. How did everything go today?

Racing went awesome today. I got most of the holeshots and won 5 out of the 6 motos, so for that, I’m pretty happy.

You were one of the few guys riding a 250F in the open and Cash classes. What was that like out there with the 450’s?

I’m trying to stay on the 250 to get myself better on one because, for the 250 Pro class, that’s what we’re going to ride. It’s definitely hard against the 450 guys out there, especially at Motopark, with how fast it is and they pull me everywhere, but we’re getting it done.

Jake won 5 of 6 motos and you may see him on the line when the Rockstar Triple Crown Motocross Tour makes its eastern swing. | Bigwave photo

You just finished your last moto of the day. You and Sam Gaynor went at it the entire moto. He was on a 450 and you chased him around. What was that like?

He got off to the holeshot and I was 3rd and made the pass for 2nd and just got behind him and got filled in with roost the whole time. The track is definitely gnarly and it’s hard to pass but I just made the best of it and was smart and just getting ready for the rest of the season.

I see some welts on you there. Were you wearing any armour under your jersey?

Ya, I was, but my arms got pretty chewed up.

OK, you’re done for the day here. What’s next?

Hopefully, I’ll stay here at Motopark and ride for a week or 2 and then the Moto Cup is coming up and then finish the ANQ’s, do the Provincials and get ready for the TransCan.

You lined up against a few Pro riders today in that Cash Class. What do you expect from yourself if you do line up in a Pro/Am race?

For now, we’ll just see how I feel, I guess. For now, it would be to just go out there and get some seat time in the long motos and that’s about it.

OK, great, thanks for talking with us. Good luck with the rest of your racing and maybe we’ll see you when we get back in the east. Who would you like to thank?

Thank you. I’d like to thank Motopark, the whole MPA crew, Yamaha Canada, Fox Racing Canada, MCR Suspension, Guts Seats, Stance Socks, FMF, CTi knee braces, Gamma, Everything Cleaner, Shore Power Services, SL Photo, and everyone, thanks.