5 Minutes with…Kennedy Lutz

By Billy Rainford

Saskatchewan racer, #44 Kennedy Lutz, has been competing hard for as long as she can remember. She has won titles at some of the biggest amateur national events down south and now she wants one here in Canada. In fact, she doesn’t just want to win a title here, she wants to race our top female racer, 3-time champ Eve Brodeur, to do it.

When Team Brodeur wasn’t sure which series they would be attending, Kennedy hedged her bets and headed for round 1 of the Women’s West MX Nationals this past weekend in Kamloops, just in case. Eve has decided to race the east again, so Kennedy raced amateur day and will meet Eve in the east when it starts at Gopher Dunes.

We grabbed Kennedy for a short chat at the end of a very successful day at Whispering Pines.

Kennedy Lutz raced Schoolboy and Intermediate on Amateur Day in Kamloops | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Kennedy, you wanted to race the best, and that would be 3-time Women’s East MX Champion, Eve Brodeur. You were all set to race the West series this season if Eve were to show up to race this series, right?

Kennedy Lutz: Right. Ya, Eve, I just really want to race her. I think it will be fun. It will be fun racing. I showed up at Walton last year and, I mean, I live on the west side of Canada and she lives on the East coast so I don’t know…I showed up and I had like a 30-hour drive, but I just felt like she dodged me.

I mentioned that I wanted to race the East this year and…I don’t know…one thing you don’t have with the boys is drama. I’m here to race.

So, if Eve were here racing the West, you would have done this series. Instead, you raced Saturday here in Kamloops and you just won the final MX3 Intermediate moto against some pretty heavy hitters!

Ya, I raced Intermediate and I was doing 3 classes. I won both motos in Schoolboy. In Intermediate, at the beginning of the day, I didn’t get good starts but I just finished my last moto and I won that, so that was awesome.

Who did you beat? I mean, I know some of them had issues but the results sheet will still show the win.

There was kids like (Jacob) Piccolo, (Joshua) Gedak, Hayden Wolf…ya, all those guys.

Kennedy won Schoolboy and the final MX3 Intermediate moto of the day in Kamloops | Bigwave photo

You also just went to the Regional qualifier for Loretta’s at Gatorback and so we knew you were going to be fast here because you were within a second of Hannah Hodges there. How did that go for you?

Ya, Gatorback was awesome. I’ve been doing a lot of training so I went there prepared and got good starts. In Schoolboy, I got a few top 10’s and in Women’s, ya, I got 2nd, so that was awesome.

It’s too bad you couldn’t race here tomorrow or you wouldn’t be eligible for Loretta’s.

Right. That would screw me over for the B Class.

How were your lap times compared to the other riders here the rest of the day?

I didn’t even look, actually.

I noticed, too, that you must have been working a lot on your technique because you seem to be in attack position more, more forward on the bike. Is that something you’ve been working on over the winter?

Ya, we’ve been doing a lot of corner track training with Rob Burkhart at Real Deal.

What will you do between now and the Eastern Nationals?

I’m leaving Tuesday to go back to Real Deal and I’ll be training until Gopher Dunes.

So, you flew home from Real Deal and then drove to Kamloops from Saskatchewan to get here for this?

Ya, I flew home just a few days ago, got some borrowed bikes, and hauled ass down here (Laughs)!

Who are you here with in the pick-up truck?

My dad, and my auntie and uncle came down. They’re like a couple hours away, so…

What did you think of the track at Whispering Pines here today? Have you raced here before?

Ya, I’ve raced here a couple times before. It was awesome. I loved it. It was rutty and rough and kind of sandy.

What two classes are you running at Loretta’s?

I didn’t make it in Schoolboy but I’ll sign up anyway, and I’m doing the Women’s 14 Plus.

Kennedy has punched her ticket to Loretta Lynn’s in the Women’s 14 Plus class | Bigwave photo

How has that been going? Are you friends with Hannah Hodges? Were you guys talking afterwards?

(Laughs) Uh, not really.

More drama?

Nah…I guess not.

So, you’re friends with her, she’s just not friends with you, right?

Ya, I guess (Laughs).

You’re making enemies out here, going so fast! What did you think of the Women’s racing here for round 1?

I think it was awesome. The first few laps, there was a lot of battling. There are a lot of girls here, so that was good. I think it was good racing.

Well, thanks for having a chat with us. Who would you like to thank?

Thank you, I’m pumped! I’d like to thank FXR, Real Deal MX, Schrader’s, Yamaha Canada, Atlas Brace, 100%, Gaerne, my dad and Rob Burkhart and Sherry, thank you.