5 Questions | Team Canada MXON

By Billy Rainford

Team Canada heads to Matterley Basin in Winchester, England, for the 2017 MXON in less than 3 weeks | Bigwave photo

In less than 3 weeks, Team Canada MXON will have competed in the 2017 MXON at Matterley Basin in Winchester, England. This event has been held since 1947 and Team Canada will be looking to do well with a very solid team making the trip this year.

Team Manager Kourtney Lloyd returns for her second year at the helm and has lined up a very competitive team that includes 4-time MX1 champion Colton Facciotti, 2-time MX2 champion Tyler Medaglia, and defending MX2 champion Shawn Maffenbeier. With credentials like that we are in for a great weekend of international racing at the ‘Olympics of Motocross.’

With D-Day growing closer, we wanted to get in touch with the 3 riders and the manager to get their thoughts on the upcoming event, so we asked them the same simple 5 questions. Here’s what they had to say:

How many times have you been to a MXON for Team Canada?

Kourtney Lloyd – Team Canada Manager | Bigwave photo

Kourtney Lloyd – Team Canada MXON Manager

I’ve never competed in the event, as I would make it about half a lap and pull over out of sheer terror but this is my second year running the team.

Colton Facciotti – MX1

This will be 5th time competing at the des Nations.

Shawn Maffenbeier – MX2

This will be my 2nd time competing.

Tyler Medaglia – MX3

This will be my 6th MXON. But to answer the question, 5.

Can you sum up what it means to represent your country at the MXON?

Kourtney Lloyd

To sum it up for me is just Pride, pure and simple. I a so proud to be a part of something on that scale.

Colton Facciotti – MX1 | Bigwave photo

Colton Facciotti

It’s a great honour not only to represent Canada on the world stage but also my team and sponsors against the best guys in the world and probably one the biggest events with the craziest fans in any sport.

Shawn Maffenbeier

Being chosen to represent Canada on the world stage is an amazing feeling of honour and pride. You show up to a race representing not only your sponsors but more importantly your country. To me that makes all the difference. You get this atmosphere that every rider that shows up to the event is giving it their all and everyone is putting it on the line to prove what their country is capable of.

Tyler Medaglia

The sheer power of the event makes you feel like the entire planet is watching. It feels awesome to represent Canada, even though the sport is relatively small in our country, to get in the mix with the nations that are crazy for motorsports it makes it that much more special. The competition is always intense, everyone on the gate is going for it so you have no choice but to turn up the juice to see what shakes loose!

What are your goals for the event this year?

Kourtney Lloyd

My goals for this year are to take it all in, enjoy myself and be in the moment. I think last year I didn’t allow myself to enjoy what I had spent so much time planning. The boys know what they need to do and my goal for them is to give 100% which I know all three of them will.

Colton Facciotti

My goals for this event are to best team Canada’s past results. It’s going to take a lot of hard work but I think we have a great team to get the job done.

Shawn Maffenbeier – MX2 | Bigwave photo

Shawn Maffenbeier

My goals are simply to ride at the best of my ability. I know after looking at the track in Matterley Basin that we as a team can do well this year. I’m looking forward to getting over there and lining up.

Tyler Medaglia

The goal would be to (as a team) get Canada’s best ever result. The track looks really fun with lots of floater jumps and a pretty fair start too so that will be nice for the random gate selection. It also could be rainy and muddy this time of year in that part of the world, but I know our team can tear it up, rain or shine.

What’s next for you after England?

Kourtney Lloyd

Arenacross starts Oct 20th in Armstrong, BC, so I will be coming home and gearing up for that.

Colton Facciotti

Probably just take a few weeks off and then start training for next year. Everything is still a bit up in the air with all that, so we will see how it plays out.

Shawn Maffenbeier

Straight into some Arenacross preparation for the Future West Arenacross Championship and get a training schedule set in for the new year of racing.

Tyler Medaglia – MX3 | Bigwave photo

Tyler Medaglia

I guess that depends on what direction the manufacturers decide to go. In the near future though spend time with the family, get the off-road trails dialed for a hare scrambles we are hosting at Pleasant Valley and Cyclocross season starts.

Who would you like to thank?

Kourtney Lloyd

I have to thank the Team Canada sponsors:

Hoyer Ent
Huber Motorsports
Future West Moto
Fox Head Canada
Heavy Duty Equipment Rentals
Silver Streak Boats
Paralell 55
Matrix Concepts
Crossley Heavy Duty
Atlas Brace
Peace Motocross Assoc
Motovan Corp

Colton Facciotti

Big thanks to Kourtney for everything she has done for Team Canada and all my sponsors and supporters who have donated to get us to this race.

Shawn Maffenbeier

A big thank you to the whole MX101 Yamaha FXR Racing team for sending my bikes over to England, my mechanic Cale (Foster) for putting in the extra hours after the season, and to Kourtney Lloyd for making the program happen another year!

Tyler Medaglia

Kourtney Lloyd for selecting me, the whole Huber Motorsport team, Atlas, Callus, and my friends and family for all the continued support.