#63 Graham Scott Injury update

By Billy Rainford

Motocross is an extreme sport and can jump up and bite you when you least expect it. Case in point, Vancouver Island’s #63 Graham Scott is the most recent rider to be put on the injured list.

After signing on to ride for the Cycle North Honda team alongside fellow Islander Ryan LalondeĀ and American Collin Jurin (for Arenacross), Graham hit the ground hard while attending a late-night practice session for round 1 of the Future West Moto Canadian Arenacross Championships at Chilliwack Heritage Park in Chilliwack, BC.

We spoke with Graham Thursday afternoon from his home on the island and he confirmed he is out of action for the foreseeable future with his injuries.

As is tradition, teams and groups rent out the Heritage Park facility in the days leading up to and between the rounds. Cycle North had the track on Thursday night and Graham was on the track on his Honda 250F.

He said he didn’t really get his flow and that the track was a little awkward. There was a triple section where the 2nd hump was a little bigger than the other 2. Slower riders were jumping into it and bouncing over the third while the quicker riders were able to get over all 3 in one jump.

After taking a short break, Graham was back on the track and was on an easy lap when he entered the section. His front wheel cleared the 2nd jump but his rear wheel caught it and sent him over the bars and into the face of the 3rd jump.

He hit his face hard and then the bike came over and landed on him.

He needed stitches on his head and blew out his shoulder. He said he “got a black eye, immediately,” too. Fortunately, he has clear recollection of the crash and so a concussion isn’t an issue.

The initial x-rays have shown no breaks, but they will get more done as well as an ultra sound to determine the extent of the injury to his shoulder.

At this point, Graham is concerned about his rotator cuff and doesn’t want to get any more surgery, although it may be required.

Currently, his range of motion is at near zero and he’s been forced off from work because of it.

Said Graham, “I was feeling good on the little bike and finally got some good support and now this.” He added that, “In a perfect world, I’d be back for the early February rounds.”

The 22-year-old will head over to Chilliwack to watch his teammates race round 4 on Saturday night, but you could tell from his tone that watching is not something he enjoys doing.

Graham and Ryan will move back to the 450’s for the outdoors next season and he’s looking forward to recovering and getting some solid pre-season training in before the racing starts next spring.

He said he will know more on Tuesday, so we’ll be sure to get an update on the prognosis next week.

Heal up, Graham.