A Few Muddy Photos from the Nashville SX Futures Event

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Let’s just say that we got very lucky with the weather on Saturday for the Pro racing, considering what we were dealt on Sunday! Everyone knew it was coming, but I think we were all in a bit of denial thinking there was still some kind of chance the weather would go around Nashville and leave is with a perfect track to this round of SX Futures.

Nope. Direct hit!

Canadian #40 Guillaume St Cyr was there to race the 250 SX Futures class in an attempt to earn his stripes for Pro Supercross in 2020. However, after he missed a direct transfer spot in his heat, he was headed to the LCQ. Unfortunately, that’s when the sky really opened up and Guillaume decided it was time to take a pass on this round. Elvis has left the building.

#40 Guillaume St-Cyr was in Nashville for the racing but decided to save his PRMX Strikt Canadian Kawasaki bike safe and ready to fight another day.

Nissan Stadium is an open-air facility, in case you didn’t know. Luckily, I was able to call the Photo Den down at track level home for the day and I’d just sort of poke my head out of the tunnel, snap a few photos and recede back into the safety of my temporary office. Actually, nobody else was even there, so I had the whole room to myself. What a bunch of softies!

They even took a little break when some thunder was heard. Eventually, they determined that the show could go on, and go on it did. They ended up shortening the mains and some classes saw the track cut down, too.

Here are a few shots from an interesting day of Amateur racing.

Any day you get to ride your dirt bike is just fine with this little dude.

#16 Myles Gilmore from Australia looked good in the Supermini class.

#12 Kyle Smith made the pass and took the win in the Main.

#75 Evan Ferry had some troubles and was NOT happy when he left the track in 5th.

#21 Kruz Sampson took the 250 B Main.

Young #316 Canyon Richards took 2nd in 65 (7-11).

He had a great battle with #317 Logan Mortberg.

#90 Donny Harrison took the +40 win.

#51 Ezra Hastings got out into the lead early in the SX Futures main and it paid off for him with a comfortable win.

#352 Jalek Swoll went down early and decided he’d had enough.

#161 Max Sanford took 2nd place.

#711 Tristan Lane passed his way to 3rd by the checkered flag.

Here are a few classic, muddy shots from the SX Futures Main:

The little bike classes really had their work cut out for them. As Calvin always said, “You can’t tell how deep a puddle is from the top!”

Here’s your new favourite rider…#5 Kayky De Pinho. He was 15th in 51 (6-8).

That took some guts!

I was watching young #5 Rudy Reeves get psyched up before the 51cc main. Everything was looking great until this happened off the start. Oh well, he likely saved dad a bundle on replacement parts.

#51 Nathan Augustin took 2nd in Open B behind #25 Spencer Winter.

The edges of the track would just grab you and remind you to look for inside lines.

#71 Ely Gross was 4th in 65 (7-11).

Nobody was going to touch #30 Jordan Jarvis in the small WOmen’s class.

She was putting in lap times that were competitive in any class!

It seemed a shame for #815 Colton Eigenmann to get that thing dirty! He was fastest qualifier but doesn’t show in the SX Futures Main results.

#29 Zane Merrett was 9th in the SX Futures Main. I like his attitude, even in these conditions so he’d like to say, “See you at the races…”

Full results can be found HERE.