A Few Photos from Wednesday at Lake Elsinore MX

By Billy Rainford

We left Dana Point, California, early enough to have a full day but late enough to miss the morning rush. We headed through San Juan Capistrano and onto the Ortega Highway that would take us over the coastal mountains and into Lake Elsinore.

Unfortunately, we didn’t look into the pass and were immediately aware that they’d had a mud slide and were still working to get the highway back to its normal condition. We sat in a line for 25 minutes…

Once they let our side of the road move on, we were surprised at how fast the rest of the trip went.

We were on our way to see who was riding at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park getting ready for San Diego this weekend. There were no Canadians to be found, but there were a few guys putting in laps.

Here are a few photos from today – Wednesday.

You know you’re going to take this photo, so don’t even pretend to fight it.

That’s #77 Ryan Surratt who finished a very close 3rd in the Canadian MX2 championship this past summer.

That’s the practice day pit of #78 Ronnie Stewart. Check out our interview on the page.

I have to admit, I don’t know anything about #31 Vuckson, here, but he put in his fair share of laps today.

#447 Deven Raper getting set to practice some starts.

We interviewed Ryan today as well, so watch for that one up on the site Thursday.

We posted a short video lap of #12 Jake Weimer from today over on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Jake gives his team the thumbs up before starting some laps.

Trying to get Old Glory in the shot.

Jake and Old Glory.

Checking his numbers.

Surratt in the whoops.

#71 Josh Mosiman put in laps on the other Supercross track. 

He says he feels fine after his rough weekend in Oakland last week.

#90 Dakota Tedder practicing starts. And yes, that’s Nick Wey.

Dakota practicing starts.

He didn’t have a good week in Oakland and finished back in 19th in the 450 LCQ.

I like Josh’s attitude. He actually introduced himself to me as I walked by. Nice.

The Tedders are not short on Monster-themed vehicles.

Ronnie putting in laps while his wife, Brooke, keeps lap times.

Raper putting in his laps.

I guess it’s possible to get tired of this backdrop, but it would take a while.

Raper in the whoops.

It’s a team sport, folks.

#138 Blake Lilly getting set to do some laps.

Had to be quick to catch the rock dropping.

Jake finishing up a moto.

Like a good Canadian, that’s Brad Gebhardt from Big MX Radio lending a hand. Say it, Brad! “See you at the races…”