A “Few” Photos from Wednesday at Milestone MX

By Billy Rainford

Although I really dislike the drive from the Murrieta area to Milestone MX up near Riverside, it’s where all the top riders were headed to ride, so I hopped into the DMX Van and made my way there.

I was nicely after the morning rush, but there are sections of that route that keep you from finishing that important text you started at the on ramp. I’m kidding, of course.

I made it to the track to catch a bunch of Canadians in action as well as a few of the Americans racing the Pro class and some headed to round 1 of the Supercross Futures series in Glendale this Sunday.

Here are a few shots.

Let’s start out with a little “Style Check” from one of the bigger jumps on the Pro Supercross track.

#951 Ryan Surratt was having some fun.

#160 Jess Pettis was working on some sprints and pyramid workouts. That’s what we called them in running, at least.

#27 Malcolm Stewart looking to repeat his success from round 1.

#277 Kordel Caro from Costa Mesa, CA.

I’m calling #19 Justin Bogle for a holeshot this week in Arizona.

#313 Kyle Swanson with a little leg swag.

#68 Brandan Leith from Utah qualified 19th at A1.

#282 Theodore Pauli from from Illinois.

#216 Devin Harriman from Washington State qualified 22nd.

#4 Blake Baggett is from Grand Terrace, CA and finished 12th last week.

Kyle said he and his mom may head toward Phoenix tomorrow and ride out by the penitentiary. I may head that way in the morning too.

#35 Mitchell Harrison will try to make it to the finish line without an issue at round 2 after a disappointing night at A1..

#606 Ronnie Stewart qualified 38th.

#509 is Alexander Nagy from Richmond, Illinois.

You always have to keep one eye on Bogle…just in case.

Malcolm Stewart is waiting for someone to start an “All Whoops Series” some day.

Hanging out in the pits at Milestone.

#41 Ben Lemay is from Alaska and qualified 20th and finished 18th at A1.

Alaska is a long way. Ben gets 2 in a row.

Blake representing us hairless folk.

These guys were absolutely right. I really should have made room for my mountain bike…

I didn’t expect to see #47 Garrett Horsman today, but there he is.

That’s really more of a volleyball name. There were a lot of riders on the amateur SX track today.

This guy has sick style and his bikes are works of art!

Seth Dennis is a name to remember.

“I’m Old Griiiggggg!” Sorry, that’s all I know about him. (If that made no sense, Google ‘Old Greg.’)

I didn’t speak with Garrett so I don’t know what their plans are.

#24 is Tommy Rios. He’s another one to watch.

#85 Kaed Kniffing is the super fast amateur rider who seems to be under the radar. That shouldn’t last for much longer.

This guy was moving pretty well too. The track was so busy for their track times it was hard to get a true sense.

#49 Hunter Lawrence should be battling for wins the Sunday.

#47 Jo Shimoda will be one of the guys battling Jett.

#74 Dillan Schwartz looked really good last time I saw him at Mini O’s, so Sunday should be no different.

#146 Tyler Gibbs looked good but had a hard time getting a good lap in with how busy it was.

Let yer back bone slide!

Canadian #551 Mitchell Bradbury will also be in action this weekend.

Hopefully, we see Garrett this week too.

#53 Bjorn Viney is back on the bike after his collarbone injury. He looked smooth as ever but tried to take it easy in the rougher spots.

3 Canadians in one shot!

Breaking the “No porta potties in the photos” rule.

The plan is for Bjorn to join the series next week at A2.

I love watching the progression of riders as they move up through the ranks.

Bjorn said his shoulder didn’t even hurt but he’ll work on getting back to race shape for next week.

Tyler gets all up in your kitchen.

Jett looked fastest, but I didn’t put a stopwatch on anyone.

There weren’t many minis on the track so they had some clear riding.

Young #66 Casey Cochran is fast and has race the Walton TransCan.

Cheryl Viney and Casey’s mom.

There was a bit of a hold up on the Pro track while someone got attended to, so a few riders came over to work on starts.

I’m looking forward to watching #43 Noah Viney this week in Arizona.

It looks like he gets faster every time I see him!

Tyler and Kevin Urqhart heading back to the pits.

Malcolm and Josh Hansen.

Our old buddy Robbie Feder working with Josh.

I missed Ben in our Style Check bit, so go ahead and check his style…

I’m not sure Jacky Childs told them to have a pow wow! Who told them to have a pow wow? (It’s a Seinfeld thing, in case you’re young.)

Hansen keeping it straight and serious. Nobody wants that! 

Unless Bogle gets doing this more again, I’m calling this Jess’s move from now on!

That’s #221 Matthew Jorgensen. He and Jimmy Decotis had a great battle in their qualifier.

Matthew talking things over.

#80 Heath Harrison hit the track as I was getting ready to leave.

Mitchell Harrison.

Uh oh, maybe it’s Ryan Surratt’s move! He’s making a strong case here.

Canadian pits.

Jess and Matt talking things over.

Kyle Swanson and Kevin are partial Canadians.

As is Brad Nauditt who drove all night and hopped out of the van to ride the motocross track today.

Bjorn does his best “What chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?!” look. Yes, it’s another old reference for you youngsters. If any of you know who Conrad Bain was, I’ll be impressed, but a little concerned.

See you in Glendale this weekend, Mitchell.

See you at the races…