A Visit to Fox Head Canada

By Billy Rainford

As is our annual tradition, a trip to Calgary for the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals‘ round isn’t complete without a visit with Jason Moore and the rest of the gang over at Fox Head Canada.

Jeff McConkey landed just after noon so I picked him up at the airport and headed directly over to Fox HQ where we immediately took over the JSR Conference Room and renamed it DMX Temporary Mobile HQ.

The Arsenault brothers, Taylor and Connor, are both Shift athletes, so they were there. Also due to arrive were Derek Schuster and Dylan Wright from the Fox-supported GDR Honda team.

So, as is also tradition, I wandered around and snapped awkward photos of everyone as they got their tour of the Distribution Centre next to the airport. Here’s a look at what I saw:

Welcome to Fox Head Canada.

The JSR Room turned into the DMX Temporary Mobile HQ this afternoon. Thanks, guys.

Jason Moore specifically asked me not to post any photos of him, so please just look at Connor and Taylor here.

The walls of Fox are filled with moto memorabilia.

There’s also the actual business side of things, but who’s interested in any of that?!

A sneak peek at what’s coming up this weekend for the Fox guys.

Taylor checking out some of the new Fox boots.

Derek Schuster sells Fox goods at their Pro Shop at Gopher Dunes so he was interested in seeing what he ordered.

Jeff going through some of the goods in the showroom.

Jeff is all about how things look. He was impressed with these light blue or periwinkle numbers.

There’s a new kid in town working Inside Sales. Yes, that’s #4 Women’s West competitor, Dominique DaffĂ©.

Upper Honcho, Jacques, was pretty sure I wasn’t going to use this photo. Guess what, Jacques…

Dylan and Jayme checking out some new stuff.

New ‘McThoughts’ lead photo?

Jason showing them what’s coming down the pike. Pipe?

Dominique at her work station.

“What you guys looking at?”

Kaven Benoit graces the walls in the office. He and Dusty Klatt actually bookend Ryan Dungey on this wall.

…to boldly go where no man has gone before…


Coming soon to a butt near you.

Will this be what the rest of the field sees Sunday at Wild Rose?

I was just going to bunch the stuff up and snap a quick shot but Jason doesn’t operate like that.

The Ottawa Connection.

Things are this organized here at Fox.

The team will wear these at their home race at Gopher Dunes.


Headed out the door to an old fan.

Thanks for showing us around, Jason. We hope the team does well at Fox’s home race this week.