Abbotsford Arenacross | Photo Report Race Recap

By Billy Rainford

Photos by John Meaney

After months of anticipation, Round 1 of the 2019 Rockstar Triple Crown Series started with the Abbotsford Arenacross in Abbotsford, BC.

Leading into round 1, we weren’t sure what to expect as far as the dirt was concerned. Last year, the dirt was so wet it was almost questionable if they could run the races at all! This year, the dirt was drier but still had that spongy consistency that left riders looking for alternate lines and sometimes risking catastrophe as they attempted to keep doing some of the rhythm sections.

Defending 250 AX champion and Triple Crown 10K winner Shawn Maffenbeier has moved up to the 450 class for 2019.

Coming into this one, Shawn Maffenbeier was the reigning Arenacross and 250 Triple Crown champion, but he’s made the move up to the 450 class, leaving the first discipline’s crown vacant.

Cole Thompson came in with the big bullseye of the #1 plate.

Cole Thompson came in with the #1 on his plates as defending AX and Triple Crown champion and was on the top of most prople’s list as the guy to beat again in 2019.

For the first time, racing can be watched live on Fox Sports Racing on television. Also, live streaming has moved to the Two Wheels TV smart phone app to be streamed live, as well.

The archive from round 1 is up on Two Wheels TV ap.

In the booth it was the duo of Kyle Thompson and Ryan Guald. Down on the floor, the in-house duties were up to newcomer to the team, Zeb Dennis.

Here’s a look at how the racing went down to take us into our new season.

250 Heat 1

The way the qualifying worked out, there were lot of the main riders in Heat 1 in the 250 class.

#19 Dylan Wright grabbed the first Royal Distributing holeshot of the year with #5 Tyler Medaglia in tow. #94 Luke Renzland was in 3rd early. #58 Joey Parkes was in this one but had troubles and was off the back.

Medaglia missed the finish line double allowing Renzland to 2nd. #52 Brad Nauditt ran alone in 4th.

Dylan ran a very solid race to take a comfortable win.

At the flag: Wright, Renzland, Medaglia, Nauditt. Top 2 in heats go to ‘Clash for Cash’ for chance at an extra 5 points for the win and rolling down to 1 point for 5th.

Dylan Wright took the 250 Heat 1 win.

Zeb Dennis interviewed Dylan Wright on stage. Dylan said, “A good start helps, of course. I started making mistakes with the round 1 jitters.”  He added that he wanted to carry the momentum into the main.


  1. 19 Dylan Wright HON
  2. 94 Luke Renzland YAM
  3. 5 Tyler Medaglia KAW
  4. 476 Collin Jurin KAW
  5. 52 Brad Nauditt HSK
  6. 202 Blake Osatchuk HSK

250 Heat 2

Holeshot was a close one between rookie Pro #146 Tyler Gibbs and Bermuda rider #50 Jyire Mitchell, who to the lead but then crashes hard. #296 Ryder Floyd from Paris, Texas, went to the lead followed by Gibbs and #11 Davey Fraser.

Floyd started to pull away out front. Gibbs looked really good as a rookie Pro rider and will keep getting better. Most riders were not able to double finish line in the conditions.

Ryder was still seat bouncing the finish line double and took the win with a big lead over Gibbs.

Floyd and Gibbs to Clash.

#146 Tyler Gibbs with a solid 2nd in Heat 2 to head to the Clash for Cash and the Main.

#296 Ryder Floy from Texas took the 250 Heat 2 win.

On stage with Zeb,  Ryder said he just rode his race mentioned that the track is technical. He’s one of the riders doing both classes (along with FWM Areancross champion Collin Jurin and Blake Osatchuk) and said he was ready for 450 Heat 1.


1. 296 Ryder Floyd YAM
2. 146 Tyler Gibbs KAW
3. 50 Jyire Mitchell KTM
4. 11 Davey Fraser HSK
5. 84 Kyle Springman YAM
6. 328 Talan Hansen HSK

450 Heat 1

From outside gate in: Jurin, Ouellette, Thompson, Maffenbeier, Clason, and Goerke on inside gate.

Matt Goerke gets out front and takes the 450 Heat 1 win.

Holeshot to Goerke and Thompson.

Maffenbeier, Jurin and Ouellette down in turn 1. Ethan pulling off.

Goerke out front with Thompson chasing.

Ethan Ouellette went down and eventually pulled off to head to LCQ.

Jurin gets by Maffenbeier for 4th to transfer. Maffenbeier to LCQ.

Matt Goerke on stage: “I’m feeling great this year. My bike is awesome. I’m pumped!


1. 2 Matt Goerke KAW
2. 1 Cole Thompson KTM
3. 12 Cade Clason HSK
4. 476 Collin Jurin KAW
5. 3 Shawn Maffenbeier YAM
6. 192 Ethan Oeullette KAW

450 Heat 2

#114 Nick Schmidt is back in the saddle and racing in Canada after injuring his back before Anaheim 1 Supercross.

Nick Schmidt on inside gate. He broke his back before A1 this past year. #202 Blake Osatchuk with “Wild Child” on his helmet.

#202 Blake Osatchuk with the “Wild Child” helmet graphics.

It was great to see #197 Brock Leitner back in action after coming back from knee reconstruction. He took advantage of the early conditions and placed 2nd in 450 qualifying.

Local boy #291 Dylan Delaplace alongside #54 Phil Nicoletti had a great 450 heat, taking 3rd at the flag.

The holeshot went to Leitner as Schmidt went down in turn 1 but was able to keep going.


Leitner, Nicoletti, Floyd on lap 1. Both Phil and Ryder made pass in final turn of lap 1 to put Brock back to 3rd.

Nicoletti and Floyd began pulling away. Nicoletti took the win ahead of Floyd and Leitner in 3rd.

Top 4 riders transfer straight to the main.

In his on stage interview, Phil said it’s all about collecting points.

Clash for Cash

Thompson win the Clash for Cash and takes the 5 bonus points.

8-lap race. Gibbs, Thompson, Renzland, Nicoletti, Wright, Goerke on inside gate.

Holeshot to Phil then Cole, Matt, Dylan and Luke with Tyler last.

Only top 3 were consistently doing finish line double.

Luke and Dylan had a nice battle.

1, 2, 3 were very close in this one,

Phil was unable to double in two sections and got passed twice.

Cole led Nicoletti who had Goerke all over him.

At the flag it was  Thompson, Goerke, and Nicoletti.


1. 1 Cole Thompson KTM
2. 2 Matt Goerke KAW
3. 54 Phil Nicoletti YAM
4. 94 Lke Renzland YAM
5. 19 Dylan Wright HON
6. 146 Tyler Gibbs KAW
DNF 296 Ryder Floyd

250 LCQ

4 riders make it through.

Holeshot to Nauditt, then Cannella and Springman.

#84 Kyle Springman took 2nd in the 250 LCQ.

Cannella to the lead on lap 1. Nauditt ran 2nd with Springman in 3rd.

Nauditt stalls and Springman gets to 2nd.

#328 Talan Hansen just missed the 250 Main.

Cannella way out front. Inside line and singling finish line.

Parkes stopped.

Marco Cannella gets the 250 LCQ win.


1. 46 Marco Cannella YAM
2. 84 Kyle SPringman YAM
3. 52 Brad Nauditt HSK
4. 202 Blake Osatchuk HSK
5. 328 Talan Hansen HSK
6. 58 Joey Parkes YAM

450 LCQ

On the gate it was Schmidt, Ouellette, Maffenbeier, and Osatchuck.

Good start by Schmidt but Maffenbeier to lead and Osatchuk up to 2nd and Ouellette in 4th.

All 5 go through to main as this was just for gate pick.

Maffenbeier crossed the line with a big lead.

#3 Shawn Maffenbeier with a nice win in the 450 LCQ.


1. 3 Shawn Maffenbeier YAM
2. 202 Blake Osatchuk HSK
3. 192 Ethan Ouellette HSK
4. 197 Brock Leitner KAW
5. 114 Nick Schmidt HON

250 Main

On the line it was Fraser, Cannella, Medaglia, Floyd, Renzland, Wright, and  Mitchell on the inside. Riders were lined up in the back row, too.

Holeshot to Floyd. Dylan Wright was off the track and last! He got up and then fell again.

Early on it was Floyd, Mitchell, Medaglia, Renzland, and Jurin.

Floyd started running awaywith this one.

Medag/Renzland/Jurin weere in a really good battle.

They hit lappers on lap 3!

Floyd continued going wide and doing finish line.

#50 Jyire Mitchell had the speed but a mishap allowed a couple riders to get by. He would cross the line in 5th.

Mitchell, Medaglia, and Renzland began to close in as lappers became a factor.

Mitchell protects inside and does a classic “flying W” that allows Medaglia and Renzland to get by.

1, 2, 3 got right together.

#52 Brad Nauditt was 6th in the 250 Main.

Then it was Medaglia’s turn to pull a flying W! His move held Renzland up and that allowed Floyd to get away again.

Floyd and Medaglia gapped Luke a bit but he managed to close up again on the last lap, making this an exciting finish.

At the flag it was  Floyd, Medaglia, and Renzland all wheel to wheel.

Dylan Wright came from way last to 7th at the flag.

#146 Tyler Gibbs crossed the line in 12th place.

Luke Renzland closed back up at the end and took 3rd.

Tyler Medaglia crossed the line on Floyd’s rear wheel to take 2nd.

Ryder Floyd took what has to be considered a surprise win at round 1.

Medaglia went over and hugged both Floyd and Renzland at the end of the race, which was pretty cool to see.

250 Podium: Ryder Floyd, Tyler Medaglia, Luke Renzland.

On stage quotes:

Ryder Floyd: “Focused on me. It was an awesome race. Glad to be here. Grateful.”

Medaglia: “It was crazy all day. Tried to make a run at the leader but it was crazy out there. I did a full superman!

Renzland: “It was good for my first Canadian indoor race. Craziest track you could possibly get! Me and Tyler were glued together. Everyone says Tyler is guy to beat so it was good to see they could race 15 laps together.

Luke was drinking from Foster Homes Maple Syrup battle. He’s becoming a Canadian right before our eyes!


  1. 296 Ryder Floyd YAM
  2. 5 Tyler Medaglia KAW
  3. 94 Luke Renzland YAM
  4. 46 Marco Cannella YAM
  5. 50 Jyire Mitchell KTM
  6. 52 Brad Nauditt HSK
  7. 19 Dylan Wright HON
  8. 476 Collin Jurin KAW
  9. 11 Davey Fraser HSK
  10. 202 Blake Osatchuk HSK
  11. 146 Tyler Gibbs YAM

450 Main

On the gate it was Schmidt, Thompson, Jurin, Nicoletti, Leitner, Goerke, Floyd, and Clason on inside gate. There were again 2 rows. Maffenbeier lined up behind Clason.

The holeshot went to Nicoletti, followed by Goerke and Thompson. Clason and Floyd locked bars and lost time down start straight.

It was Thompson, Goerke, Nicoletti, Jurin, Maffenbeier, Clason, and Floyd on lap 1. Brock Leitner down on lap 1.

#197 Brock Leitner went down early, leaving him playing catch up. He would finish 8th.

Nicoletti parks Goerke on run up to finish line on lap 1. Goerke drops back. as Clason gets by Nicoletti. Maff right with Nicoletti.

Goerke and Nicoletti got this close on the opening lap…a couple times.

Cole Thompson with big lead early. Collin Jurin in 2nd.

Cole out front then Jurin with a full whoops section lead over Nicoletti/Maffenbeir/Clason/Schmidt/Goerke.

Without someone behind you, railing berms and doing doubles was fast line but not if it opened up an inside block pass.

Maffenbeier comes up short on a double and goes down as Schmidt gets by.

#3 Shawn Maffenbeier would go down and finish back in 9th spot.

Cole able to do racing line but still comes up short on the finish double.

Cole Thompson got out front early.

Maffenbeier down again in the whoops.

Cole switched to inside line and singled finish when he had to.

Goerke going at Jurin for 2nd with Nicoletti in 4th.

Ouellette had some troubles in the whoops.

Nicoletti would finish 4th in the main.

Goerke makes an outside pass stick.

Nicoletti gets by Jurin for 3rd.

Nicoletti dumped it on inside rut before the finish double and Jurin got by for 3rd.

Booth is watching TV feed so they can’t call what’s really going on off camera.

Floyd and Schmidt down together as CT goes by them.

#12 Cade Clason finished 5th in the main.

Goerke closed on Cole but clips bars with Schmidt in air and loses some time.

Goerke trying to close on Cole with Jurin a distant 3rd with 3 laps to go.

Goerke went down in a rut but keeps 2nd position.

Nicoletti in 4th but almost going down a lap.

Cole rolls finish line checkered flag and waves fist in the air.

Cole Thompson takes the first 450 win of the season.

On stage quotes:.

Jurin: “Chaotic. Tracks pretty soft. Do what I could to minimize damage. On the box is a good way to start the season.

Goerke: Fastest rider on the track. “I had a good start. Got piled up the the 2nd turn. Got hit hard in 2nd turn. 2nd was the best I could do.

Cole: “It was a great race. Once they went at it I got a jump start on the race. You can’t race the track too hard. You have to let it come to you. Got the job done when it counted.


1. 1 Cole Thompson KTM
2. 2 Matt Goerke KAW
3. 476 Collin Jurin KAW
4. 54 Phil Nicoletti YAM
5. 12 Cade Clason HSK
6. 296 Ryder Floyd YAM
7. 114 Nick Schmidt HON
8. 197 Brock Leitner KAW
9. 3 Shawn maffenbeier YAM
10. 202 Blake Osatchuck HSK
11. 192 Ethan Ouellette KAW
12. 291 Dylan Delaplace HON

Next round: Calgary, Alberta – Saturday, April 13th.

See you at the races…