Another Look at Round 1 of the Rockstar Triple Crown Series

By Billy Rainford

Photos by John Meaney (@meandawg15)

John Meaney was in Abbotsford, BC last weekend to capture the action from round 1 of the Rockstar Triple Crown Series. The track was wet and the racing may have been a little slower than we’re used to, but let’s take a look at how it all ended up, through the lens of @meandawg15.

250 Class

We really shouldn’t be getting to #12 Dylan Wright this early in this photo report, but…

After qualifying fastest earlier in the day, he suffered a mechanical in the mud and took a DNF in the 250 Main.

#477 Joey Parkes finished 9th in the main and hopes to make it to Calgary for rounds 2 and 3.

#157 Wyatt Waddell came home from California to race. He said he felt better each time he got out on the track and will be in Calgary. He was 8th.

#35 Jonah Brittons also came home from California to race round 1. When the “dust” settled, Jonah was 7th in the Main and will also be in Calgary.

#66 Marco Cannella got called into action for round 1 and won his heat race. He had the speed to podium in the mud, but, after running 2nd, he had some issues and had to settle for 6th.

#82 Kyle Springman was one of very few rider to stay upright in the Main. At first, scoring had him 3 laps down, but when it all got sorted out, Kyle was 5th overall.

#101 Ryan Lockhart went out and raced both classes with the kids. He was 4th in the 250 Main.

#27 Tanner Ward came in with the most Arenacross experience of the season and was ready to go. He got caught up in the first lap pile-up, and raced back up to take 3rd.

Defending MX2 champion #3 Shawn Maffenbeier looked great on his new ride. He took 2nd in the Main.

The conditions were perfect for #910 Carson Brown to get this win, even on a borrowed bike, after frying his race bike earlier in the day. He loves the slop!

250 podium: Carson Brown, Shawn Maffenbeier, Tanner Ward.

450 Class

#613 Tyler Nicholson had some clutch issues and took a DNF,  but says that he was very happy with how round 1 went for him.

#396 Steven Anderson made the trip out from Ontario for some fun in the mud. He finished 12th in the 450 Main.

Let’s hope this is actually #20 Davey Fraser. Either way, he’s usually pretty solid in the muck and finished back in 11th.

#22 Brock Leitner leaning into one here on his 450. Brock finished 10th in the Main.

#101 Ryan Lockhart cleaned himself up after the 250 Main and went out and took 9th in the 450 Main.

It was good to see Karl Normand out from Quebec. He plowed his way to an 8th place finish.

7th place is not where MX1 champion Matt Goerke wanted to be, but this shot is a banger! He had troubles off the start in the Main and found himself heading straight toward the pack as he finally hit the first turn.

#7 Dillan Epstein simply said he was happy to survive. He finished 6th and will surely move forward in “normal” conditions.

#10 Keylan Meston looked good early on his new ride, leading Colton Facciotti in his heat. Keylan ended up 5th in the Main.

Carson Brown was back for more and took 4th in the Main. He will be in Calgary for the next 2 rounds.

#5 Tyler Medaglia’s bike was spewing coolant early but he somehow got it to the checkered flag in 3rd, after a great battle with Cole Thompson.

After swapping places with Medaglia a few times, #16 Cole Thompson closed in on the leader but tipped over late and had to settle for 2nd.

#45 Colton Facciotti used his outside gate to get out front early and never really look back.

He’s a BC lad and has spun more than his fair share of laps in muddy conditions.

450 Podium: Colton Facciotti, Cole Thompson, Tyler Medaglia.

What a night! Here are a few more shots showing just how rough it was.

You don’t look thrilled, Josh Cox.

Most riders loaded on 14 tear offs and hoped for the best.

Tyler Nicholson sorting things out.


Marco in a much cleaner moment.

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta smile.

Marco and Andreas.

If you don’t find this sexy, you’re in the wrong sport!

Keylan doesn’t care about a little mud.

Neither Colton nor Justin look entirely sold on this whole idea, here.

Seriously, go to Carson’s Instagram page. He loves this stuff!

Cole takes the stage and waves to the surprisingly huge crowd, considering the horrible weather outside.


Brock and his crew.

Derek Schuster keeping things all buttoned up.

Davey Fraser ready for the BC weather.

Matt taking a look at the first turn.

Dillan and Shawn not sure what to think.

That’s not bad after a race like that!

Keylan and Daryl Murphy…and a little fella.

Clear vision for Wyatt but for how long?

Nice to see Royal Distributing back for more Holeshot Awards.

Matt’s bike “warming” in the pits.

You sure, Brock?

Uh oh, that looks like the end of the tear offs for Keylan.

Karl’s ride.

Sponsor shot for Marco.

Maff’s new set-up.

Carson and Chris Buckrell.

Is that guy bothering you, Steven?

We all do it.

Ryan ready to get dirty.

Tanner’s steed.

Kudos to all the mechanics last week. Take a day off!

OK, everyone grab a tasty burger, regroup and we’ll do it all again in Calgary, March 16-17. Josh says, “See you at the nom nom nom…”