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DMX 25 Days of Christmas – Last-Minute Ideas

Christmas is almost here and you have less than 24 hours to get those last-minute stocking stuffers or gifts for your favourite MX racer in your family. Let us help you out with a few quick ideas. Keep in mind these gifts are great to give even after the Holiday Season.         We hope you enjoyed reading the ‘DMX 25 Days of Christmas‘ as much as we

DMX 25 Days of Christmas: Day 20 – Fox OG Beenie

OK, let’s face it, you have one day left to grab a certain someone a gift and you know of a shop open until maybe 3pm Christmas Eve. What do you do? We’ll tell you…get over there as fast as you can and grab a FOX OG BEENIE. This one is a no-brainer. If you still have shopping left to do, this beenie is a ‘can’t lose’ item. Nobody here

DMX 25 Days of Christmas: Day 19 – Projekt Red Eye Bag

You don’t think Santa is struggling to root around in an old sack at every house, do you? Not a chance! He’ll be using the Projekt Red Eye Bag to make sure he’s able to pack everything he needs and find it easily. He can’t afford to waste time fumbling around and neither can you. It might be time for the rider/racer in your family to retire that old, beat

DMX 25 Days of Christmas: Day 18 – Fly Racing Knee Brace Moto Sock

We’re getting close to the big day now. With very limited time left to get your shopping done, Santa advises you run over to your local Fly Racing dealer and grab a pair of the Fly Racing Knee Brace Socks. Santa wouldn’t think of heading out on his trip around the globe without something between his milky white skin and his knee braces. With the babies next to your skin,

DMX 25 Days of Christmas: Day 17 – Yamalube 4-Stroke Oil

Like we said, you know they need it and will have to buy it anyway. Santa just wants to make sure he points out that he doesn’t recommend this as your ‘marquee gift’ to that special someone. It may not say “I love and appreciate you” the way you think it does. But, rest assured, when someone opens up a gift and finds a container of Yamalube 4-Stroke Oil, they

DMX 25 Days of Christmas: Day 16 – 2UNDR

Do you wanna really know why Santa is so jolly, even on those long Christmas nights? He learned the secret about wearing properly fitted and technically functional underwear under his scratchy red suit. Having that thick suit rubbing against you as you circle the globe would make it impossible for Santa to get all the little moto-heads around the world what they need. And what they need is a couple

Singletracks: Catching Up With… Brian Wojanrowski

*Photos by Dawn McClintock and Billy Rainford   Every man has his challenges and tests in life that they work to overcome. It can be something as simple as making it to work on time, getting that school project done or winning a marathon. For Brian “Wojo Wojnarowski it was winning the Corduroy Enduro. After many attempts and 2nd place finishes, Brian finally brought the trophy back his home town