Blackwater MX | Prince George MTB Strava Lap

By Billy Rainford

Yes, I’m already sorry I decided to do this. At the end of a long day, the last thing I really feel up to doing is hopping on the mountain bike and slogging it out for a loop of the beaten down track. However, I started this nonsense, so I’m going to finish this nonsense.

Fortunately, the weather was so bad on Saturday that I decided it would be useless to attempt a lap of the Blackwater MX Park track in Prince George this week. After spending the day at the Parts Canada Amateur Open on Sunday, I decided it was dry enough to give it a shot, so I reluctantly dragged the Scott Spark 29er out of the back of the van and went for it.

With all the sand they added for this year’s event, I knew it was going to be a tough loop, and so did the few people laughing at me from along the fences.

I actually had to get off the bike and walk as soon as the gate dropped for the uphill start. The first downhill was soft and full of braking bumps and made for some exciting, high-speed moments.

I rounded the left turn and had to unclip my shoes again. This was going to be a grind.

I cruised down the back downhill and made the turn into the uphill jump section that gave so many riders fits the day before. I struggled but made it through only to unclip for the following uphill.

I think that was the last…no wait, I had to unclip again at the jump by the mechanics area. That was a hard loop.

Here’s a look at the “data” from the Strava app. I should have linked the Relive app, too. Next time…

I definitely spent more time pushing my bike on this one than the previous two rounds. Even without the added sand, the climbs here would have been a struggle.

Who’s with me next Saturday in Manitoba? Like they say, misery loves company…