50 questions in 100 seconds with FMXer Mark Phillips

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50 questions in 100 seconds with FMXer Mark Phillips

Photos by: Tim Whitehead, Cody Kaliszuk, and Landon Graham


Well when I woke up today I thought I was a busy guy. But after I got off the phone with Mark Phillips, I realized that I have it easy. Mark Phillips is a soon to be Dad, owner of multiple companies and is in my eyes Canada's top FMX rider. I have no idea how the guy does it, so in this edition of 50 in 100 DMX learns more about what makes Mark Phillips tick.


How long you have been riding FMX and MX- 15 years

Hometown- Red Deer, Alberta

What you ride- YZ 250

Favourite riding spot- Elevated Taktics Compound/ California


Mark extending a Superflip at the Elevated Taktics compound.

Favourite Track- Lake Elsinore, California and The Drumheller MX track

Favourite moto video of all time- On the Pipe 5

Ramp or dirt hits- Dirt hits

Usual Riding Crew- Billy Kohut and the Elevated Taktics Crew

Favourite trick to do- Big Whip and Flipping

Favourite trick to watch- Big Whip

Favourite FMX rider- Jeremy Lusk

Favourite MX rider- RC

SX or MX- SX

Double Backflip or 360- 360

Best Trick or Speed & Style-Best Trick

Did you agree when TP beat Levi Sherwood in this year’s X Games in the Freestyle final? NO

If you were a judge at X, what would win...

Electric Death or 360 Indian Air- 360 Indian air

Volt to Side Saddle Lander or the Double Back flip- Volt to Side Saddle Lander

Red Bull or Monster- Monster pays me $$


Mark has a solid bag of upside down tricks.

What you drive- 3500 Dodge Diesel, Black with black XD rims

What you dressed up for Halloween as- As a Skull

Reed vs. Stewart in a fight- Stewart

Any pets- Pet Lizard from California

Best FMX riding memory- Times I spent with Jeremy Lusk

Favourite thing to Barbeque- Steak

Favourite TV show- M 80

Favourite riding gear- Elevated Taktics

Any riding superstitions- No

Favourite season- Summer

What kind of phone do you have? Verizon

Do you play online poker? No

If you can have any sponsor within’ the MX industry, who would it be? Elevated Taktics, VonZipper , Warp 9 rims, OGIO bags, Red Deer Powersports, GPR Stabilizers, RMR suspensions, GForce Graphics, FreeRyders, Fast 50s and Herman Tuning

What about any outside sponsor-  Monster Energy, Rennasunts Tattoos, Black Skulls Clothing

Favourite Canadian MX rider- Jason Thorne

Coolest contest or demo you ever jumped in- Rudy Waller’s event in Panama or an event in Peru on the beach, and then we rode the sand dunes after.  Maybe Costa Rica, we stayed at our friend Tommy’s place on the beach for a week. Soon, I think it will the MTV party in Argentina for Diego (this event sounds fun!)

Besides FMX, what is your favourite extreme sport to watch? Freestyle Snowbiking

Did you watch any of Bubba’s World (James Stewart’s reality show) on Fuel TV? Maybe 10 minutes of it.

Favourite hockey team- Calgary Flames, because I was born in Calgary and when I was a kid I was a Theo Fleury fan.

RacerX or TransworldMX- Transworld MX

Do you think that Dean Wilson is technical even a Canadian? Don't know him!

In a fight...Kyle Keast vs. Medium Size Bear, who wins? Don't know him!

Do you read books? Yes just started

Favourite subject in school? Vis Com

Favourite Band- Necro, Slipknot, Lamb of God

Which was better Fubar or Fubar 2? I think I only saw number 2

Do you like Josh Hansen? I don’t know... Maybe, maybe not

What do you think of the Backflip? It’s fun to do!!!

Do you think Paris Rosen should get back into X to try another Front Flip? Yes, he’s determined to land it and maybe some combos.

Who has the biggest whips in the sport? James Stewart, Beau Bamburg, Todd Potter, just saw Bruce Hudson huck a sick whip last month.


It doesn't matter if he is right side up or up side down, Mark has every trick dialed!


Thanks man,

Finally, what’s your plans for 2011 as far as contests and demos go??

For 2011 I plan to be the best year yet! I’m planning to train as much as possible, dial in every trick I can think of, I was thinking about doing the 360. I want to compete in the XGames, I want to travel the world jumping in demos. Pretty much do my best to “live the dream”!

Any shout outs to your sponsors? 

I would like to thank Rennassunts Tattoo's In Red Deer Alberta for the free tattoos (Robin is my tattoo artist and if you want a tattoo go there and say I sent ya!)

All the crew at Von Zipper keeping me in fashion and protecting my eyes

Lauren at GPR Stabilizers for keeping my Bike strait and maintaining my GPR Stabilizers

Chris at OGIO for keeping me in style and organized with the best backpacks, laptop, travel and gear bags available,

Rod at RMR suspensions for keeping my landing soft with the best suspension available in Canada

Cory at GForce Graphics for all the graphics I keep getting printed that keeps my bike looking awesome

The entire Crew at Red Deer Powersports for ordering new parts and the use of the shop to work on my bike (Billy Kohut has helped me work on my bike a ton and has given me another rider to practice with)

Mike at Herman Tuning in Vista, California for letting me use their shop and tools to keep my bike in good shape

Craig at Fast 50s for pimping out my mini bike

My Partners, Tim and Craig at Elevated Taktics for the sickest FMX clothing and the FMX team for a family of riders to hang with

Black Skulls Clothing for giving me the goal to become a large clothing company that everyone will want and buy in the future. Keep your eyes out for Black Skulls!

Monster Energy and XPilots for sending me to Mexico to ride my bike all year round!

Rudy and Diego for lining me up with cool shows!

Last but not least, I would like to thank the crew at Warp 9 Rims for keeping my bike looking its best

I also want to thank my parents, Stan and Laurel Phillips for supporting me in my career for the past 15 years of riding my bike and keeping my dream alive!


Where can people get a hold of you for shows...etcYou can contact me at mark@elevatedtaktics.com or call my cell phone at 760-828-8092. You can also look me up on Facebook.


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