Catching up with...Keith Sayers

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Catching up with...Keith Sayers

Photos by: Steve Haughelstine

Everyone knows that Southern California, Nevada and Australia have a lot of talented FMX riders. Well..Keith Sayers is putting Montana on that map one demo at a time. What started as a hobby has turned into a full time job that includes at least twelve job titles on most days. DMX caught up with the FMX multi-tasker to see how 2011 had been treating him and whats on tap for the summer.

Keith Sayers meet Canada, Canada meet Keith Sayers! Tell the readers five things about you that have nothing to do with FMX.

I have glasses

I wear size 12 shoes

I live on a dead end street

I hate to mow the lawn

I like Coffee


Keith throwing down a picture perfect KOD while riding his compund in Montana...

What was the first bike you cut grab wholes on?

2003 Yamaha YZ 125 

I’ve followed your career for awhile now and the one thing I noticed right away is that you are always busy and you seem to be very successful without riding competitions. Do you just prefer not riding in competitions?

My main priority with riding is having fun! I've been really lucky to get good exposure living up here in the North. I love to ride no pressure events with good friends. Plus there is still another level I need to get to like your Nate Adams and Levi Sherwoods and I'm not too sure I want to ever push it to there. I have my moments where I feel like the little engine that could- saying, “I--think--I--can, I--think--I—can”. Then an hour later that's gone...ha-ha.

You’re from Montana, not exactly what people would call a big FMX scene, but you are changing that one shovel full of dirt at a time. Tell us a little bit about your compound out there.

It all started back in 2004. I met Steve Miller from SCS Racing, he always had a dream to get a piece of property here in Montana and make a difference. Montana isn't exactly your destination moto spot cause we're so far removed from MX world (California), but every time riders come here and I take them riding trails, tracks or my course they either want to stay all summer or move here. It's in a little town called Racetrack Montana. The Cooper family had a motocross track out there, so I used to go practice there ever since I was 17 yrs old. But I recently bought 14 acres of land, and then in 2009 I started going out there to push dirt with no real set plan. In 2010 Steven Haughelstine ( came up to stay with me. It was one of the best things for the place. Steve has a really creative eye for really cool lines and it pretty much turned into a FMX track. We just finished up a SX track to try and keep it fun.


How is this for a sandbox?

I heard your were trying to put a Pro/Am comp together for this summer there, any truth to this?

Not too sure I'm going to do anything this year. I'm the kind of person who will never get into anything without a solid plan. For now it's just my personal practice spot. Things can always change.

Where can people stay informed about that?

 If I end up doing anything I will be putting it up on my website-

Back to you, on most demo days you’re the:  rider, promoter, set up guy and take down crew. Describe a demo day put on by Keith Sayers.

Most events are pretty basic with my mobiles. Now on the other hand, events like Evel Knievel Days are not even close to basic or easy. I have my solid crew of guys. They have a good understanding that it's not just a one man show. I put in a lot of work doing emails, phone calls, contracts, and insurance long before the event starts. Plus when the event does start I manage the riders, promoters and ride too. I like riders that are willing to help out and not just show up, ride, get a check then peace out. Believe me, there is days that it gets frustrating.


Keith Sayers FMX demos are always on point!

Looking beyond 2011, where would you like to take your FMX career?

Healthy!!!  For me it hasn't been how gnarly I can get, but how long can I last doing this. Not too many people can say they get to do what they love for a job! Fortunately I'm one of those people.  

Last one...what’s your schedule looking like for this coming summer?

Once June comes...I'm gone every weekend till late September. I'll almost become a Canadian resident by the end of summer, ha-ha. 

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