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Hey, kids, looking for a sure fire way to impress sponsors and earn their support with more than just holeshots and race wins? It’s called “work.” It’s an activity that sometimes isn’t fun, but needs to be done, and often comes with reward for a job well done. If managed properly with riding and racing, it can help further career—even if racing stops or you can’t pay the bills.
    I was talking with KTM Canada’s race director Andy White today, and was impressed to hear about his women’s racer, Jacqueline Ross, packing orders at the Royal Distributing warehouse during her stay in Canada this winter.
    “When Mark [Fries] from Royal asked if she was interested in testing and possibly racing a snowmobile, Jacqueline said ‘I want to, but I need to pay my bills and can’t afford much time off work,’” said White. “So Mark asked if she wanted to work in the shipping department during the week, and she said ‘Sure.’”


Mason Phillips' work ethic on - and off - the track has made him a valuable commodity to KTM Canada.
photo: James Lissimore

    Ross isn’t the only racer on KTM wearing a blue collar; Kiwi Mason Phillips lends a hand around KTM’s shop near Montreal during the race season, helping out in the shop and making deliveries; then there is Ryan Lockhart who has spent the last winters working at the 661 Canada warehouse in Surrey, BC, and he also got his hands dirty working for Toby Knowles’ sheet metal company.
    “From a sponsor’s perspective, it’s great,” says White. “It means the rider isn’t afraid to show initiative or work hard for what they get. The teams and industry notice stuff like that, and it could help someone like Ryan become a team manager or something one day. It gives them an opening into a career after racing.”
    So you here that kids? Put down those game controllers and iPhones, and start sweeping floors or washing filters. If you’re not the next Colton Facciotti, maybe you’ll be the next Ron Ashley or Derek Sorenson. Send an email to John Nelson at Machine Racing; I’m sure he’d be more than happy to give you some work.

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