A Weekend of Two Wheeled Adventure at Klatt's

James Lissimore's picture

By James Lissimore


Dusty Klatt and his magical floating helmet


Just returned from a great weekend up in Campbell River on Vancouver Island. Dusty Klatt holds an annual BMX jam at his place in CR and I always try and make a point to come out for it. It's a fun time and a chance to shoot something else other than just the usual moto stuff. Klatt can hold his own in the BMX scene so it's fun to try and come up with some new images. This year I had more than just good BMX riding to get me on the ferry as with Dusty just clinching the 2010 Canadian Motocross National Championship we set it up to do some moto shooting as well with the new Number One plate.


I put together a bunch of photos from the weekend on my blog http://jkliss.blogspot.com

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