TDR...The Dreaded Ross!

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I was going through my old files and found this folder of old Rollerball pictures that my buddy Lawrence Hamm's dad shot at the Austin CMA national in 1980.


He's going so fast that, in 1980, there was no camera made that could capture him properly.

Not the perfect form but still, you can see the raw power.

Once again, TDR cannot be captured on film due to his excessive speed.

The Ross airing it out at Austin.

These were thrown in and are from Thunder Bay CMA national, I think this is Terry Hoffess but I don't know. Anyone?

I think I raced this track when I was on 80's.



I'm not complaining but I took all these pics. The #2 rider is Ross also. Claude Giguere


Steve, the pictures of Ross on the Yamaha were in 1980. The pictures of Ross on the Kawasaki would be in 1981. Stan Currington earned the # 1 Plate in 1979 and carried on his bike during the 1980 season.

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