Brainstorm | A Look at the Racing in Calgary | 250 Class

By Billy Rainford

Photos by John Meany (@meandawg15)

250 Podium: Dylan Wright, Marco Cannella, Brad Nauditt.

We’re now two races into the 2019 Rockstar Triple Crown Arenacross Series; Abbotsford and Calgary are now in the books. We’ve had 4 different winners in 4 different main events, and that’s good for the fans.

Here’s a look at what I thought of the 250 racing in Calgary.

250 Class

1st #19 Dylan Wright HON: The Dylan Wright we all knew was in there came out and shined bright in Calgary. He looked great all day long and then came out in the main event and put it all together for the win.

He made a nice pass on early leader #52 Brad Nauditt and didn’t look back, taking the checkered flag. He admitted he “needed that win” and will likely use this night to keep his confidence rolling.

With the trouble Round 1 winner #296 Ryder Floyd had in the main he now finds himself alone at the top of the points with 51 heading into round 3 in Sarnia with the red plate.

2nd #46 Marco Cannella YAM: We all knew Marco had this speed in there, he just needed to get out there and show it. He threw his weight around in the main and left some blue paint on a few of the other riders’ bikes, but he said he had “been a bit of a wussy lately” and had to make passes.

Confidence is a huge asset in motocross, so this should really help Marco repeat this performance.

Just like there are no friends on a powder day, there are no friends in an Arenacross main event! He now finds himself sitting in 2nd place, just 1 point behind Dylan.

3rd #52 Brad Nauditt HSK: We all know Brad prides himself as one of the best starters in the business, and he showed why in Calgary. He got out to the early lead and looked comfortable.

He ended up in 3rd place but admitted that he “tightened up” and was “just getting tired.” He’ll get to work over the break and get himself ready to fight for the entire 20 laps as we move forward.

He’s on a privateer-style program, so it was extra nice to see him in the lead and finish on the podium.

4th Jyire Mitchell KTM: Jyire lined up on the inside gate and went for it, coming out in 3rd spot early. Cannella got by and Jyrie crossed the line in 4th.

I figured him to be fighting right around the podium range, so this is about where he should be, in my mind. He’ll want to prove that wrong with a win, so we’ll watch for that in Sarnia.

5th #94 Luke Renzland YAM: Arenacross rarely goes entirely your way, and Luke found that out in Calgary. He’s obviously got the speed to win this class but he crashed early and found himself playing catch up for the main.

He found himself on the ground more than once, so 5th place points is a pretty good result, all things considered. He’s got some wins in him, for sure.

6th #11 Davey Fraser HSK: Davey Fraser has been a Pro for a long time and still loves to line up and challenge himself against the kids.

He was quite a ways back of the podium guys, but he looked good and will keep having fun out there in the main events. It’s doubtful he’s got podium speed in this class but it’s great to see him out there doing it.

7th Tyler Gibbs KAW: Tyler Gibbs is the youngster from BC who found himself starting from the back row in the main.

He had a really good run going in his heat race until he went down and ended up 7th in the main. He’ll keep getting faster but I don’t know that he’ll be heading east for Sarnia and Barrie. I hope that he does because I’ve watched his progress in the Supercross Futures races and I think he’s showing a lot of potential.

8th #5 Tyler Medaglia KAW: Obviously, this is the “Mulligan” Tyler wishes he could use. Like I said earlier, it’s rare that everything goes your way in Arenacross, and Tyler also found that out this week.

He went down right off the bat and then found the ground again in the whoops. Fortunately for him, with the way this week went, he’s still in the hunt for the title.

9th #202 Blake Osatchuk HSK: Blake is out there having fun, and even racing both classes. He was a few seconds off the pace in qualifying, but this is how you make improvements — you line up, give it a shot, and learn.

He started in the back row in the main and finished in 9th place. I’m not sure we’ll see him making the journey east, but it was great having him on the line in these 4 main events.

He loves racing Arenacross and you can often find him dipping below the border to the USA to find races.

10th #328 Talan Hansen HSK: Talan is a nice kid who also loves to race. He hurt his foot and ankle last season in Quebec so he’s riding and training himself back into shape. He’s not going to grab a podium spot, but improvement and personal goals are also a great reason to line up and race. Hopefully, he keeps hitting the races and exceeding his expectations.

Biggest Stud: I’m giving Stud status to Brad Nauditt. We all know he’s a great starter, but staying up on the podium this early in the season is a huge boost of confidence for this friendly Washington State native.

Biggest Dud: As usual, “dud” is the wrong word, but it’s a section Jeff always uses, so we go with it. “Bad Luck Story” is more apt here. Round 1 winner Ryder Floyd taking a DNF in this main event. It really sucks for him and his team, but it really made for some interesting shuffling in the points. He’ll be back.

Biggest Surprise: I got to watch the Two Wheels TV broadcast and I was really impressed with how Ryan Guald and Kyle Thompson kept the show running. This is where Ryan belongs. He was cracking jokes and kept things interesting, even in the times between races. Good job, guys. I’m not saying I was surprised, but I didn’t know where else to fit this compliment in. Also, the addition of Kristen Beat on the floor is also huge for the broadcast. She does her homework and it showed in her approach down there.

Next round is April 27th in Sarnia, Ontario. See you there!