Brainstorm | London Supercross | 250 Class | Strikt

By Billy Rainford

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250 Podium: #15 Jess Pettis, #3 Shawn Maffenbeier, #471 Logan Karnow.

With Jeff McConkey unable to make it to this last round of Supercross, his McThoughts-style column rests with me this week. Here’s what I thought of the top 10 in the 250 Pro class at the London Supercross at Delaware Speedway this past Saturday night.

#15 Jess Pettis.

1. #15 Jess Pettis YAM – What more can we say about Jess, lately?! If confidence is a key ingredient to success, this guy should be ready to take on the world. He didn’t get nervous when he didn’t get out front off the start. He made a nice inside move on Karnow for 2nd and then set off after Maff out front. He pushed Shawn up and wide in a bowl turn to take the lead and then, in very Canadian fashion, looked over his shoulder in the air on the next jump and said he was sorry. Classic. He’s definitely the fastest in this class, in this discipline.

#3 Shawn Maffenbeier.

2. #3 Shawn Maffenbeier KAW – Shawn didn’t actually look very comfortable on the track early in the day. He seemed to be struggling with the track and his set up. They must have figured something out because he was strong in the main and held onto the rear wheel of Jess after he got passed and looked good for 2nd spot. He’s got a big lead for the $10K Triple Crown money, so he’s probably going to be thinking about that nice bonus at the end and avoid any crazy battles at the front, if he can.

#471 Logan Karnow.

3. #471 Logan Karnow KAW – In very Matt Goerke-like style, when I confirmed his pronunciation of his last name as “Kar-no,” he said that’s how he said it but that “Kar-now” works, too. Come on, give me a direct answer! lol

Logan has more Supercross experience than the rest of the 250 class combined. He put it to good use and looked solid out there in London. I know he wants to be battling for the win, but he’s smart enough at this to choose his battles. Depending on what we see in Quebec City and Hamilton, he’ll be going for top 2’s and wins, for sure.

#66 Marco Cannella.

4. #66 Marco Cannella YAM – Marco is picking up this Supercross game very quickly. He’s got amateur experience at Mini O’s at Gatorback, and he’s going to be a factor for podiums very soon. With more laps at the Gopher Dunes practice track, he will get that top 3 soon. He was only 3 seconds off Karnow at the flag for 4th.

#527 Jake Tricco.

5. #527 Jake Tricco YAM – Jake put on the white on black numbers for this race and looked at hope with the Pros, immediately. This kid has had the cameras pointed at him since he was on little bikes, and he’s showing us all why.

He had to move his way forward a bit in the main and ended up 20 seconds behind 4th place, but he’s going to keep getting faster and faster.

#39 Eric Jeffery.

6. #39 Eric Jeffery KTM – I don’t know why I’m always surprised when Eric does well, but I am, and I shouldn’t be. He’s still improving each time I see him. He seems to be having a lot of fun, and this 6th place should keep him motivated to keep going. The Redemption Racing rig wasn’t at the track this week, and he was pitted out of a small trailer. Great ride from Eric and a good race between him and #55 Jack Wright behind him for a while.

#55 Jack Wright.

7. #55 Jack Wright YAM – Jack has got great jumping skill and style and that should pay off well in Supercross; he’s not afraid to go high and far. Go to his Instagram (@jwright211) and check out his latest 2 jump videos from the MotoFarm! Wow. Like many of the Canadians, he would definitely benefit from having a special set of suspension for the races, but did very well, despite simply cranking his Motocross set up.

#114 Quinn Amyotte.

8. #114 Quinn Amyotte YAM – Quinn also put on the Pro plates for this one. He’s a tall kid, at over 6 feet, and that will benefit him in the whoops, once he learns them some more. Again, dedicated SX suspension will make a huge difference in his placing. He didn’t feel any pressure because it was his first race as a Pro, but now he’ll be expecting more from himself as we head to the final 2 rounds.

#157 Wyatt Waddell.

9. #157 Wyatt Waddell HSK – Wyatt got off to a great start in the main. His outside line became the inside and he was able to avoid being pushed into the wall and headed out up in 3rd early. He had a very good 6th in Montreal and was full of confidence heading into round 2. I know he mistimed the tricky rhythm section on lap one (while up in 4th) and over-shot it, flat-landing, but I didn’t see what happened that put him back in 9th at the flag. He’s faster than the results show, and we’ll watch for a solid rebound week on November 3rd in Quebec.

#228 Sam Gaynor.

10. #228 Sam Gaynor YAM – Sam ran his Intermediate plates but raced the 250 Pro main. He crashed in the afternoon and went into the main pretty sore. His start was not good and he headed out near the back of the pack. He made a few passes and broke the top 10 at the flag. He was pretty close to the guys just ahead of him.

Biggest Stud – Again, I have to give this one to Jess Pettis this week. Although he’s now expected to win, he still impressed me when he settled down and made a few passes to get to the front. He’s one of the riders headlining the ‘silly season’ talks and should be up for a nice raise in 2019.

Biggest Dud – This one is a tie between #40 Guillaume St-Cyr and #27 Tanner Ward.

#40 Guillaume St-Cyr.

Guillaume – This guy looks great in Supercross. He’s got really good indoor skills and I really expected him to do well. Unfortunately, he crashed in the whoops earlier in the day and was forced to watch the main with a bent bike and a sore left shoulder (DNS).

#27 Tanner Ward.

Tanner- Tanner expects to do well and that crash in the main messed him up and took away that chance (DNF). He also took #24 Michael Fowler (DNF) out in the process. I went over to talk to him afterward and, when I saw the angry look on his face, I pretended I was just going to use the washroom and walked right by! Better to come for Tanner.

Biggest Surprise – I’m going to give this one to Delaware Speedway. What a great place to hold one of these events! Although we’re outside and at the mercy of the weather, I thought the crowd was great and the atmosphere electric. With a few more lights, we’re really on to something, here.

I’m not giving away an award for gear. Sorry, that’s Jeff’s thing.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in Quebec City on November 3rd.