Brainstorm | Walton National | 250 Class

Photos and Words by Billy Rainford

Walton 250 podium: Dylan Wright, Tyler Medaglia, Marshal Weltin.

The final round of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX National at Walton Raceway has come and gone. Let me just congratulate the Walton crew for putting on, what I thought, was the most professional round we had all year. Not a dig on the others, just a statement as to how good Walton looked this year. Well done, Brett Lee, Barry Hetherington and the rest.

Here’s what I thought of the performances of the top 10 in the 250 class:

1st #19 Dylan Wright HON

Well, what can I say? Dylan seems to have arrived this season and this could be real trouble for the rest of the class. It sounds like he wants to move up to the 450 class for next season, but I bet there are a lot of his sponsors wishing he’d run the #1 plate in 2020.

He got decent starts and showed why he is simply the man this season. I’m not sure who would have beaten Dylan at this one!

2nd #5 Tyler Medaglia KAW

Tyler got out to a couple great starts and ran with the kids this week. We all thought he was the older rider with the best chance to take a run at the 250 title, but even he said the kids are crazy!

He had his best 2-moto finish of the season, going 2-2, so he’s got to be pretty happy to get that close to a win at the final round.

He says he’ll move back to the 450 class in 2020, so that should bring his heart rate down a bit.

3rd #121 Marshal Weltin HSK

Marshal used consistent and fast rides to put himself on the podium again. He looked really good but lost touch with the top 3 a bit in moto 1 and had #21 Josh Osby on his rear wheel at the flag.

He lost touch with the top 2 in moto 2, and then had #46 Marco Cannella knocking at the door to end it.

He’s been a great addition to our series.

4th #46 Marco Cannella YAM

Marco had to make a couple late-moto charges, and his resilience paid off with a 4th place on the day. He was up as high as 2nd place in moto 2. He, obviously, wants podiums but this was a very nice performance by him.

5th #14 Tanner Ward KTM

Tanner had a lot on his mind this week. He organized a very nice ‘Ride with Me‘ charity group cycle to Cowbell Brewery and back for his Tanner Steffler Foundation and it was a huge success — they raised $7510.

He showed a lot of speed this past weekend and was up near the front in both motos. I believe this is a contract year for the young Ontario racer, so he’ll definitely want to finish the season strong in Supercross.

6th #50 Jyire Mitchell KTM

#50 Jyire is a good guy and a really fast rider. He’s had a bit of an odd season, to say the least, here in Canada.

He got the starts he needed and even led the 2nd moto for a bit. His potential is solid and I hope he keeps racing in Canada and gets some good support in the future.

7th 48 Westen Wrozyna KAW

Westen has quietly been going about his business and hasn’t really drawn a lot of attention, but actually ended up 8th in this very competitive class in 2019.

He seems to be caught between the riders ahead of him and the ones behind. He rode alone quite a bit in Walton. It would have been nice to see him grab a holeshot and lay it out for a while at the top guys’ pace.

8th #60 Quinn Amyotte KTM

If Quinn isn’t at or near the top of your ‘Most Improved Rider’ list, I don’t know what series you’ve been watching. I’ve really enjoyed keeping an eye on him this summer.

His first moto wasn’t where he should be but he was in a nice battle with #36 Teren Gerber and #179 Cameron Wrozyna for a while. He came back for 9th in moto 2.

9th #27 Hayden Halstead YAM

Hayden is a rider we should be talking about before now. He didn’t get the start he wanted in moto 1, and fought his way to 10th.

In moto 2, he messed up on lap 2 and was back in last place. He has to be happy with the work he did to claw his way up to 12th by the flag.

10th #1 Jess Pettis KTM

Jess was in the hunt in moto 1 and led the first couple laps but then washed out right in front of me (Yes, I took the shot) and fell to 3rd, which is where he’d finish.

In moto 2, he was moving his way up in the first couple laps, but then he suffered a bike malfunction and he was done for the day.

Not how he wanted to finish the MX season, but watch how good he is indoors when the SX portion of the Triple Crown starts up in Quebec.

Biggest Stud:

I’m giving Luke Renzland an honorable mention in the Stud department for smashing his shoulder at the start of moto 1 and sticking around the entire day to help Eden Netelkos.

How can I not choose Dylan Wright for this?! He didn’t have to win either moto, but he served notice that he’s the man right now and won them both. That’s pretty studly.

Biggest Dud (Again, the person isn’t the Dud, the situation is):

We have a tie this week! Poor #94 Luke Renzland got caught up in the crazy first-turn pile-up in moto 1 and injured his shoulder.

Also, #21 Josh Osby was forced to pull off after the 1st lap of moto 2. It’s too bad, too, because he looked great finishing 5th in moto 1. Hope you’re feeling better, Josh.

Biggest Surprise:

Not that we shouldn’t expect it, but the Walton Raceway grounds were amazing this year. The spectator parking area was full, there were things to do for everyone, and that soft ice-cream was the best I’ve ever tasted! Congratulations to the gang for making everything look like a huge event was taking place.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll move over to the 450 class now.