Four Questions for 497 | Brock Leitner | A1

By Billy Rainford

#497 Brock Leitner is our Canadian rider competing in the 2018 250 West Supercross Series. Round 1 took place in Anaheim, California, this past Saturday and we caught up with the BC rider to get his thoughts on the weekend. We’re going to do this every week, so we didn’t want him to get sick of us calling, therefore, we’ll only ask him 4 questions each time.

Direct Motocross: Hello, Brock. Let’s start out by asking you what you thought of the A1 track.

Brock Leitner: I thought the track was really good. They screened the dirt this year, a lot. On the track walk this year I wasn’t nervous at all. I was actually excited and felt confident. I looked at the rhythms how they’re supposed to be done rather than looking at them like, “OK, we can do this, we don’t have to do this, and we can still do this” kind of thing. It was good that I could see and I could be confident in my abilities to do the big rhythms and the big jumps.

And really, the dirt was the best part of the track. It was slimy in the morning but it got really good.

The triples were easy. I hit them on the second lap (Laughs). The whoops were really slimy in practice, so I just kind of got my feel and my flow in practice – I didn’t blitz a set of whoops in practice.

In the first timed session I did the first set of whoops after the finish line but the set of whoops before the finish line is where I struggled all day. It was tough for me because there wasn’t really an entry whoop and it came out of a flat right-hander, so I’d come out of the turn and it was hard to have momentum to pick the bike up to get on top of them.

To be completely honest, that’s what kept me from the night show this week. I’ve just got to do some work on whoops and try and…it just sucks because none of the practice tracks have whoops like that one. They’re either all really big or they’re really small and you’ve got an entry whoop into them, so that’s a bit of a bummer, but it’s all good. We’re grinding away this week and it’s raining right now, so hopefully we can ride tomorrow and Thursday.

Let’s talk about your qualifying sessions. You were 46th overall. Did you have a hard time getting some clear track or was it just the whoops that were getting you?

It was literally just the whoops. I was behind a kid that made it into the night show. I knew that he was a [better] time than me, so I tucked in behind him and I was actually gaining on him so my time was quicker up until that one set of whoops before the finish line and that’s where I’d mess up.

It was just that one set of whoops. This week, we’re working on a little more aggression between rhythms and blowing through stuff…like pushing through stuff instead of hitting the obstacles. In Anaheim I was making sure that I was aggressive in between the rhythms but a little bit more.

Yesterday, we did a lot of work on that to always make that in between each jump we’re giving it that extra squirt of gas or coming into the turn just giving it one last squirt coming into the corner just to bring the times down by even a tenth of a second.

I know I was little bit more off than that on the weekend, but that’s what it’s going to be is just a tenth of a second what’s going to separate us.

It was pretty cool because the one rhythm section, I was like the only one in my practice going 2, 3, 3 into the turn before the on-off, on-off, so I was happy with that. That helped me out with some lap time, but then it was just the whoops that kept me from going further into the night.

Where will you go and what do you do this week?

This week, I’m flying out Friday. I rode yesterday and I’ll ride Wednesday and Thursday, if the tracks are open with this rain. We’re just going to work on the stuff we have been, do a little bit more work on the whoops, a little bit more with corner speed. I’ve been getting decent at it but there’s always room for improvement. I’ve got to keep plugging away with it. In the rhythms, I’ve got to keep trying to get that gas and the intensity between each and every obstacle coming into the turns.

So, you’re now comfortably past looking at the track and thinking about being able to clear the big triples, now you’re just trying to get back to the ground and going faster, right?

Ya, exactly. Even the second lap when I hit the triple, I came into them hot and I still had to kind of scrub them. I’m past the point of, “OK, shit, we’re hitting the triples, let’s hit it seat bounce wide open…” I’m past that point. That’s kind of where I was last year, so to say. I wasn’t prepared, I wasn’t confident in my abilities. There were a lot of things that I wasn’t prepared for last year that I am this year. Especially with the group of people that I have in my corner helping me and giving me the advise to achieve my goals. Having those people just brings the confidence even that much more.

OK, this question doesn’t count in the total. Thanks for the chat, good luck next weekend, and who would you like to thank?

OK, awesome, sounds good. I’d like to thank Redline Powercraft, Kawasaki Canada, ROQ Power Tongs, Strikt Gear, 100% Goggles, Virus Action Sport Performance, DT1 Filters, Pro Taper, SKVI, Temecula Motorsports, FMF, SAXX Underwear, HJC Helmets, Fusion Graphics, Evans Coolant, Rekluse Clutch, C4MX, BMC, Motostuff, Vicki Golden, GTC, Marin Bikes, Lory’s Oilfield, Fuel Clothing, Hellbent, Keybar, Metal Mulisha, Holeshot Trucking, M.A.D Support, my girlfriend, Kailey, and my mom and dad.