Canadian Content at Tampa SX | Extra Things to Look For

By Billy Rainford

As we head into the eastern swing of Monster Energy AMA Supercross this weekend in Tampa, Florida, there is no shortage of Canadian Content to keep an eye on. I thought it might be fun to look at the entry lists and dig for as much connection to Canada as I could.

I’m sure I missed some, no doubt, but here’s a quick look:

250 East

  • Canadian #551 Guillaume St Cyr from Quebec will be lining up on his Motosport 100 Limites Strikt Kawasaki
  • #47 Lorenzo Locurcio and #96 Justin Thompson will take over in the 250 class for the PRMX Kawasaki team
  • #53 Jimmy Decotis heads into the 250 East as a former Canadian series competitor who also married a Canadian
  • #73 Chase Marquier and #296 Ryder Floyd both raced in Canada last season and will head the 250 class for the Canadian Manluk Racing K&R Racing team, and they have Craig Randell spinning the wrenches
  • #175 Josh Hill drops down to the 250 class and also has a full season of racing in Canada under his belt
  • #313 Kyle Swanson is unofficially half Canadian and will compete in the class
  • #355 Joey Crown will race the 250 East on his Club MX Jeffery Homes-backed Yamaha
  • #570 Cody VanBuskirk raced in Canada on the PRMX team
  • #637 Bobby Piazza is no stranger to racing in Canada
  • #711 Tristan Lane came up and raced in Canada last season

450 Class

  • #11 Kyle Chisholm has raced a lot in Canada and has Josh Cox helping him out
  • #15 Dean Wilson…am I going there?
  • #64 Vince Friese could probably tell you some stories about racing up here in Canada!
  • #86 Josh Cartwright, #88 Logan Karnow, and #280 Cade Clason will make up the Canadian PRMX Kawasaki team
  • #184 Scott Champion is also no stranger to racing in Canada (One of my best Calgary whip photos of all time is of Scott)
  • #393 Daniel Herrlein raced for the Canadian PRMX team
  • #675 Kyle Dillin is the #675 who races our SX series and has you looking for your program
  • #722 Adam Enticknap is no stranger to the FWM series out west

Not that we need any added reasons to pay close attention to the racing today, but there are a few extra things to keep an eye on.

If you can think of some more, feel free to add them to the comment section on our Facebook page.