Canadians at Milestone

By Billy Rainford

I finally caught up with these Canadians at Milestone MX today. Defending MX2 Champion, Shawn Maffenbeier, MX1 #10 Keylan Meston, #20 Davey Fraser, Jess Pettis‘ mechanic Andreas Konrad, and Donk were all on the track on this rather cold California day.

Here are just a few photos of the guys on and off the track.

Half-Canadian #59 Cole Martinez was on the Supercross track and came over to say hello to the guys at the end of his session.

#20 Davey Fraser relaxing before hitting the motocross track.

#10 Keylan Meston will be Davey’s teammate, along with Wyatt Waddell.

Keylan was looking good on his Husqvarna 450.

Donk with his pick up truck and his dirt bike. Why wouldn’t he be smiling?!

This looks serious…

Andreas Konrad is Jess Pettis’ mechanic and hit the track for some laps.

Kamloops. BC rider (you heard me) Shawn Maffenbeier.

Again, why wouldn’t you be smiling?

Cole gets the thumbs up.

Davey thinking about our bike ride that was yet to come.

Maff checking the spokes.

Front and rear.

Chilling in the pits.

Keylan doing a little pre-moto work.

There were quite a few riders on the motocross track today.

Maff chasing down the legend, Kurt Nicoll. Not so sure it would have happened back in the 80’s though.

Keylan coming in hot!

Maff looking good.

Davey and Andreas.

‘Elbows up’ must be something new he learned. lol

Our guys were clearly the fastest on the track and it was fun to watch the others wonder who the fast guys were.

Davey will move up to the MX1 class for the Triple Crown Series.

Donk looking good!

Maff heads for the finish line jump.

Afterward, we went for lunch and then over to Race Tech to see about the guys’ suspension. We headed back to the house they’re sharing, went for a cycle, and then for dinner. All in all, it was a pretty good mid-February day!

Another in my file of many keeper headshots of Shawn. It’s off to Pala tomorrow. See you at the races…