Catching Up with…#381 Kelcey Jones

By Jeff McConkey

#381 Kelcey Jones finished 8th in the 2017 Women’s East MX Nationals and just won the Women’s Class at the Madoc National. We grabbed her for a chat to talk about her season and future plans | Jeff McConkey photo

Some racers get burned out towards the end of the season and fade as the season winds down. Well, that is not the case for Cavan, Ontario’s #381 Kelcey Jones. Kelcey picked up steam as the CMRC Women’s East Nationals were winding down, finishing and impressive 8th overall for the season. She then backed it up with a very impressive overall win at the AMO / MMRS Madoc National. I caught up with the shy 18-year-old and this is what she had to say.

Direct Motocross: Hey, Kelcey. How’s it going?

Kelcey Jones: Hey, things are going good! You?

I’m doing good. Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to do this. Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into racing?

I’m 18 years old and I live in Cavan, Ontario. I just finished my course in school to be a hairstylist and am going to continue in this career for the next few years. I started racing when I was 5 years old when my dad came home with a PW 50 for my brother and I. I didn’t think I’d like racing this much and didn’t think I would continue on with it for so many years, until I saw how successful you could be in this sport. I looked up to my brother as he had the speed and results I always wanted. To this day, I’m still racing and hope to continue it for many more years.

Well, you yourself had a very successful National series, and then backed it up with the overall win at the Madoc National. Did you expect the season to go as well as it did?

No, I didn’t at all! Coming into the East Coast Women’s Nationals I really wanted a top 10, but I knew it’d be hard. I went down in almost every moto, and I had to work so hard! I ended up with a #8 overall which I was super-surprised about.

At the Madoc National, I didn’t even think I would get a podium, as I hadn’t ridden in a few weeks and was just on a little break. I ended up with the overall, and was super happy! Right now, I’m first in the AMO Atlas Brace series and I’m going to try my best to keep it that way! So far, this has been one of my best seasons yet.

Kelcey just finished school for hair-dressing and wants to compete at least one more full year. | Bigwave photo

I, personally, think your ride in the 2nd moto at the RJ’s national changed everything. What do you think it was?

In the first moto I got 5th, and at RJ’s that weekend the top 5 got on the podium so it made me super pumped knowing I could do it! In the last moto, I went down on the start and I was so upset. I was down for 3/4 of a lap. I new I had to push hard if I wanted to be on that podium. I ended up catching up to 7th! I feel like that did change everything, because it made me realize I could do it. I have the speed and determination, I just need to put it all together.

So, you finished off the Nationals strong and had a great Madoc National, what’s next on your schedule?

I plan to finish off the AMO Atlas Brace series, then take a little brake. I bought a brand new car so I am going to be working full-time saving and paying bills! I plan on continuing in the gym everyday, and hope to get to Florida in February/March before next year’s season.

What’s it going to take for you to step up your game even more and get closer to the podium?

I have the speed and the drive, but definitely need more seat time. It’s hard to practice when you only have one bike – the only training I do is in the gym! But I believe in order to step up my game, seat time is key, getting really comfortable on my bike, and testing my limits.

Let’s step back a bit. Was there a round that stood out to you as a favourite? And maybe one that you didn’t like?

I have always been a fan of Gopher Dunes. I love the sand, and I feel like I do better in it. One round I didn’t like that much was Deschambault. It was my first time at that track this year and I rode the ECAN. The set up of the track is sweet in the pits, but the track itself, I’m not really a fan of, especially the start. I guess it’s a track I’m going to have to learn to like if it’s apart of the Nationals next year.

“At the Madoc National, I didn’t even think I would get a podium, as I hadn’t ridden in a few weeks and was just on a little break. I ended up with the overall, and was super happy!” | Bigwave photo

Speaking of next year, and the possibility of a new series, have you thought about what you might do?

Yeah, I definitely want to try it! I’ll see how I do, and then maybe continue in it. My parents aren’t sure about racing next year, as they have been my main support for it my whole life, and I’m getting older now. Next year will probably be my last year of a full season, so I’m sure the new series is something I will consider.

Well, hopefully we get to see the big #8 out on the track a lot next season. Who would you like to thank for helping get you there?

Yes, I’m sure you’ll see me! Special thanks to my mom and dad, Orange Motorsports, Jody Falcon especially, FXR Racing, MD Distributions, Mika Metals, WFO mx, CJ customs, Asta Professional for the gym membership and making sure I’m always getting to the track, Cycle salvage, my brother for always wrenching, and anyone else I forgot, thank you!

Thank you for your time, Kelcey, and enjoy the rest of your season.

Thank you so much, same to you!