Catching Up with #74 Mikael Savard – Loretta’s Champ!

By Billy Rainford

Mikael Savard just had an amazing week at Loretta Lynn’s. He finished 3rd in 250 C Jr. and then went out and won the 450 C class. The races were full of drama and he managed to remain calm and take home a title for Canada.

We grabbed him for a quick conversation after he finished his online interview for the live stream.

Direct Motocross: You’ve got 2 podiums here…a 3rd and now you just finished first. How are you feeling now?

Mikael Savard: It feels really awesome. I came here and never believed I would be in the top 10 and now 2 podiums is just awesome!

Let’s talk about the track. What did you think of it?

Honestly, I expected it to be a lot rougher. Coming here, people saying it’s the roughest track in the world. I found it pretty good. They maintained it pretty good and it went really well.

You just finished 1st in the 450 C. There was a red flag restart and you almost got both holeshots. Talk about those starts.

I had troubles with my starts on Thursday and I had to keep working on them. Now, I think we solved the problem. It’s going really well. I got good traction, good tires…it was good.

You said you fell after the 2nd turn before they red flagged it, so you kind of got saved there, right?

Ya, I really did. I missed the rut and fell down. I was trying to come back, and, coming to the finish, there was a red flag and I was happy (Laughs).

Mikael almost followed suit and swapped himself out of contention, but he held on to take the 450 C championship. | Bigwave photo

You may have been the guy that flinched! I saw you move before it dropped.

Ya, I flinched but I didn’t move so I saw other guys got stuck in the gate. I think it helped me for the first start but the second start was just really good.

The math was pretty crazy in that one. The rider in front of you swapped out and crashed, and you almost copied him and did the same! How did that go?

I was pretty nervous. My heart started beating so fast but I saved it. I’m good in sand so I think it helped me a lot.

Was your dad giving you the math on the pit board?

I knew there was only one guy I had to beat, and the two other guys passing me, I knew it wasn’t him, so I was still safe. I just had to play it smart.

Well, I guess you’re staying around for the awards now, huh?

(Laughs) Ya, I will.

What’s next for you? Are we going to see you at Walton for the TransCan?

We were thinking about it, but maybe not right now. We’ll think about it.

We’re still sweating here right after your moto. Was it crazy hot out there?

Ya, it is hot and I’m thirsty and it’s hard on the body, for sure, but I was well prepared.

Hopefully, they decide to head to Walton for the TransCan next week. | Bigwave photo

OK, well, congratulations. You’re name is forever inked here at The Ranch. Who would you like to thank?

I’d like to thank my sponsors: Wheelsport, Casselman Performance, Sacha Gauthier Mobile Mechanic, First Class Trailers, and SOB MX.

OK, I hope we see you over at Walton. Thanks for the chat and have a safe trip home.

Thank you.