Catching Up with Blake Davies

By Billy Rainford

Blake Davies in staging at Loretta Lynn’s.

Young Blake Davies is from British Columbia and just finished up a week of racing at Loretta Lynn’s. He competed in the 65 (7-9) Limited class and finished 22-12-13 for 14th overall.

We spoke with him as he and his dad were hanging out watching some motos on the final day of racing.

Direct Motocross: Hello, Blake. First of all, can you tell everyone a little about yourself?

Blake Davies: Hello. I’m 10 years old and I’m from Mission, BC.

There are lots of fast riders from that part of Canada. Who do you look up to out there?

I like Travis Gibbs. He’s my friend.

What did you think of these 20-minute motos in the heat down here?

Ya, we only found out 5 days before. It’s a real tough experience.

Blake in one of his 65 (7-9) motos.

Did you get tired?

I’m feeling done! I felt like I was dead.

What class did you race?

65 (7-9) Limited.

Talk about your motos. It’s a 3-moto format. How did you like that and how did you like this track?

I liked the track a lot. At home it’s a lot smoother but the experience is really crazy.

How did you handle it? Were you nervous? Excited? Calm? How were you out there?

I felt really nervous, but when I got out there I felt excited and it was crazy.

Let’s talk about your races. How did your motos go? Were you happy with them?

I wasn’t happy with my first one. I had a few tip-overs. My other two motos I was happier with. I got 22nd, 12th, and 13th.

What did that put you, over all? 14th, right?


Were you pretty happy with those results?


This is the best of the best. What did you think of the competition? Were you impressed?

Ya, there are a lot of fast kids down here…faster than me. I’ll try to keep up the next time I come.

What’s next for you? I think you’re heading to Walton, aren’t you?

Ya, Walton.

Blake now heads to the Walton TransCan where he’ll be running two #1 plates. See you there!

What classes there?

85 (7-11), 65 (7-9), and 65 (7-11).

And you’ve got a couple #1 plates to run, too, don’t you?

Ya, 85 (7-11) and 65 (7-9).

OK, well, who would you like to thank and we’ll let you go watch some more racing?

Big Top Powersports, my mom and dad, Fox, Lime Nine, CTS Racing, Matrix Concepts, Mobius Braces, Atlas Brace, Gibson Tyre, and everyone else that’s helping…my mom driving down, the Gibbs family for letting me ride their bikes, the Brown family for trying to keep me company, my grandparents for supporting me and taking care of us, my mom and dad for spending all this money and taking me down here.

Great interview, Blake. Safe travels north and we’ll see you at the TransCan.

OK, thank you.