Catching Up with…Brad Nauditt | Presented by Yamaha Motor Canada

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Yamaha Motor Canada

In case you missed this in last week’s Frid’Eh Update:

Let’s find out what Brad Nauditt has in store for us | Bigwave photo

Spokane, Washington’s Brad Nauditt has become a staple on the Canadian Moto scene. The friendly American has been heading north to race our Rockstar Energy MX Nationals for years and can usually be found rounding the first turn with the leaders.

Here’s a look at his 2016 series:

Brad got a moto win at Moto Valley in Regina, SK last season and was on the overall podium 3 times. He has been threatening to retire from Pro racing for the past couple years, so we grabbed him for a chat to find out what he’s been up to since we last saw him and what his plans are for the future.

Direct Motocross: Hello, Brad. You’re #15 this year up in Canada. Let’s talk about last summer, first. You were on the overall podium 3 times in 2016. How would you say the series went for you?

Brad Nauditt: Good morning, Billy.  I would say the series went pretty good.  I definitely had some standout moments that I will never forget. If it wasn’t for SG Power and the Scott Family, I am not sure if I would have lined up in 2016. Those guys are awesome and I cannot thank them enough. Then the opportunity to ride for GDR came about and that was definitely a dream come true as well to ride for one of the best teams in Canada.

What was your highlight from last summer?
My highlights for 2016 were – 2nd overall in Regina with my first career moto win, 3rd overall in Nanaimo, getting picked up by the GDR crew to finish out the series.  But one of my most memorable highlights was racing the TransCan at Walton where I finished 2nd in the Pro Superfinal to Kaven Benoit and showing people that I can ride a 450 quite well also.
What’s your favourite track on our circuit, and why?
My favourite track on the circuit this year had to have been Calgary. I really like the ruts that place gets as well as the fact that the track is just out of the ordinary since it is right in the city limits.

Brad got a chance to fill in on the Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing team last season (shown with team owner, Derek Schuster) | Bigwave photo

You’ve become a staple up here. What brought you to Canada in the first place? Why did you keep coming back?
Back in 2010, I went to California to stay with my good friend Kevin Urquhart and we had talked a little about racing together that summer. We both are from Washington State and I am only about 1.5 hours from the border.  So we both loaded up and decided to have a go at it in Canada for the summer. That first year of traveling with Urquhart, and (Robbie) Feder was by far the funnest and most exciting year of travel I have ever had, so naturally I have just come back every year because I love this sport. But I really love all the people I have met along the way and am always excited to see them every year when I make my way across the country for the nationals.
What did you get up to when the series ended in Barrie at RJ’s last August?
After the series ended I went out to Walton for the TransCan and raced that with GDR where I won the 25 Plus title and finished 2nd in the Pro Superfinal. But after that I came back home and rode a little here and there and went straight to work for the winter.
Did you take a holiday at all?
I didn’t take much of a holiday after getting home from the summer, just a few weeks to catch up on some stuff around the house and then started going to work.  But definitley took a few long weekends this winter to go watch some SX.  I can’t stay away from the races (Laughs).

Brad finished with the Pro racing at Walton Raceway and took 2nd to Kaven Benoit | Bigwave photo

How have things been going out there in Washington State? Like you said, you’re a home owner and have been working, right? What is your 9-5 like these days?
Things are going great at home in Washington. I have been just working lots and keeping busy this winter through all of the snow we have had in Washington, and Thomas and Trevor have definitely helped me with all of the house work that got pushed aside to go racing this summer. As far as my current 9-5 job… I work in sales so it’s definitely a new learning curve for me. But things are coming along good at work and I am happy with the progress there so I’m learning how to balance work and racing at the moment.
OK, so you’ve been kind of threatening to retire from racing the past few years, but now I see a brand new bike on Instagram. What are your plans for racing this coming summer? 
(Laughs) I have raced many years in Canada and have proven that I am capable of getting on the podium for many years. I have also finished in the top 5 overall many years now. Now with that being said, why is is so hard to get support to race the races up in Canada? I feel that anyone inside the top 10 should be able to gather enough support to race across the country without having to spend all of their own money to get to each race, and that is just not the case for some reason.
As far as the new bike, I just finally got a bike to start riding again from SG Power in Victoria, BC. We have been trying to figure out how to get some support and haven’t heard much back yet, which is kind of tough considering the races start very soon.

Have bike, will race… | Nauditt photo

So, if you do well, will you try to head east?
If there the support is there I will race every race possible!
What has been your best memory racing from your days in Canada?
My best memory ever was my first ever podium back in 2013. I just can’t describe that feeling of the day but I will never forget that, ever.

Will we see this lid at the races this summer? That is yet to be determined… | Bigwave photo

I assume you’ll be at the Seattle SX this week. Who are you cheering for?
I actually won’t be at the Seattle SX. I went to quite a few SX rounds this year to cheer on my NW friends. I have so many friends that I cheer for at the races I could list them all but it would be 20% of the line up (Laughs).
OK, who wins the 450 SX title, Dungey or Tomac?
It is coming down to the end which is exciting for everyone!  I think that Tomac has the speed and has been on fire lately, that is for sure. I would be crazy to not go with Tomac at this time.
Thanks for the chat, Brad. Have a great weekend. Is there anyone you’d like to thank?
Thanks, Billy. I would like to thank DMX for the interview, Jay from SG Power in Victoria , Scotty Products and the whole Scott Family, Shift MX, Fox, Scott , Fusion Graphixs, Matt & Chelsea at Proven Moto, Northwest Steel Fab, Baldface, Royal Business Systems, Yoshimura,, Hinson, VP Racing Fuels, Motostuff, Works Connection, Factory Connection, Sunstar Sprockets, Derek and everyone over at GDR for the opportunity last season, Twin Air Filters, Mobious Braces, Trevor Mort for all of his hard work this last summer, David from Fox for always having my back from the start, all of my friends for all of their support and good wishes, and definitely can’t forget all the support from my parents over the years. None of this would ever be possible without all of your help, so thank you all!