Catching Up with…Eve Brodeur | KTM Canada

By Billy Rainford

We’re just a few days away from round 1 of the 2017 Women’s East MX Nationals at Gopher Dunes. With 3-time and defending champion Eve Brodeur set to go for a 4th title, we wanted to get in touch with her to get her thoughts on what this challenge means to her.

Direct Motocross: Hello, Eve. You haven’t really stopped since you won your 3rd straight Women’s East National Championship. Let’s go back to last season first. Was your third title as exciting as your first?

Eve Brodeur: It’s always exciting winning a championship, whether it’s the first one or the 3rd one. We always get some fast competition on the East coast with some US girls coming up, so it is always a challenge and I always have to fight hard to make it to the top of the podium. I never take things for granted and always put some extra pressure on my shoulders. Hopefully, I have some more championships in the future.
What was your favourite moment from last summer?
Taking the title at RJ’s on the 4-stroke after racing 2-stroke’s my entire career was definitely a fun moment.
Was there one round that you had the toughest time winning?
I would say RJ’s again. That second moto in the mud was a struggle and I just didn’t want to go down and DNF, so I didn’t even want try and keep the pace with Brittany Gagne when I saw how aggressive she was. She is a really good mud rider.
What did you do after the season ended at RJ’s? Did you take some time off or go on vacation?
Last year the US WMX series was way too long (from March to November) and after RJ’s we looked at our racing schedule in the US, my school schedule and had to make a decision to take a little time off and get ready for school and the fall races. I took a month off from riding and training all together and then made it to the last 3 US rounds.
When I started school in August (it was my last high school year before college), I sat down with my school counselors and explained to them how much time off I had to take to finish the season and start next season. They doubted I could actually do it. I’m going to college in pre-med and I had to take all the most difficult classes in high school and have some highest grade to be accepted in college.
Since last September, I was away from classes for a total of 3.5 months. I’m super proud to say that I have successfully made it and was also honored with a special recognition award for the hardest working student in my school district.

Eve will go for her 4th straight title this season | Bigwave photo

The Women’s MX Championship started in March. What did you get up to until they started in Daytona?
After last year’s WMX round at Mini O’s, we left the camper in Florida at the compound where Brad from Club57 does his winter training. From there we went back at Christmas for 2 weeks and then full-time mid-February till the start of the WMX in Daytona early March.
So, then you and your dad, Sylvain, traveled all over the place chasing the WMX series. Can you take us through some of your travels?
Driving across the country from Florida to California (with a stop at Freestone for round 2) was definitely something we were looking forward to. It’s a scenery you don’t see anywhere else. Same with the way back going across Utah, the salt lake, Wyoming and Colorado. Staying in California for a total of 4 weeks was also really special. Motocross is awesome over there and it was a great experience to practice on Pro days with the big names of the industry!
What has been your best race there so far? How did it go?
My best result was a Pala in Cali where I went 2-2 for second overall, my best result ever in the US. But Hangtown was where I had the best battles with Shelby (Rolen) and Jamie (Astudillo) and made it to the 3rd spot of the podium.
Now we have one more round to determine the champion at Loretta Lynn’s. You’re sitting in 2nd place but it’s close.
Unfortunately, I won’t be going to the last round as the US WMX race is on Saturday on the exact same day as the Deschambault WMX. I am sitting in 2nd right now, but Kylie has a good enough lead that she has already clinched the championship. I’m 4 points ahead of Shelby so I will most likely end up finishing 3rd in the championship. I’m good with going from being #6 to #3 for next year.
Have you raced at Loretta’s before? How did it go?
Yes, I’ve been to Loretta’s in 2011 and actually got 3 overall in the Girls class that year. It was the first and one of the few times me and Kennedy Lutz raced each other.
You have round 1 of the 2017 Women’s East MX Nationals this weekend at Gopher Dunes. You will be going for your 4th title. What have you been working on mostly to be ready for this season?
I haven’t been really working on anything other than racing our provincial Quebec rounds on weekends. The last month of graduating from high school was a little crazy, so not much riding or training. I actually went out to a sand track for the first time yesterday. I will start pre-med college Mid-August so what’s left of the summer is all about resting and having fun racing in Canada before things get real.

Eve will miss the final WMX race at Loretta Lynn’s, but should still take home 3rd in the series | Bigwave photo

You and Kennedy Lutz are our 2 top women racers right now. You will now go head to head in the east series. What can we all expect from this battle?
I honestly couldn’t care less if I race Kennedy Lutz, Kylie Fasnacht or any of the top women’s racers. I will just go in and race my best without getting hurt. The goal is always to win a 4th championship, but I never pretended that I was faster than Kennedy. Over the years we’ve raced together, I won some and she won some, so we’ll see.
Kennedy kind of called you out in an interview we did where she accused you of “ducking” her at the East/West Shootout in Walton last summer. Would you like to respond to that?
I’m not the type of person to ‘’call out’’ people or cause ‘’drama’’ as she called it and won’t get into it. I didn’t go to Walton for many different reasons, and Kennedy being there was definitely not one of them. Before someone thinks I’m ‘’ducking’’ it again this year, I can tell you right away that it’s not in the plans as we have done way too much traveling already and my College admission is the same week as Walton.
What bike will you be riding this season?
I’m on a 4-stroke full-time this year, that’s what I have been training on this winter and that is what I have raced on in the US. I’m loving it.
What will you do after this season? Are you looking ahead to another busy year like this one?
I’m schedule for surgery early September to fix my shoulder that keeps popping out. I really look forward to getting this out of the way so I can start training properly again. It’s always in the back of my mind every time I do something that involves shoulder movement. After that and next year, I honestly don’t know yet, there’s too much involved right now with contracts, school and my father’s work schedule.
On a positive note, I worked really hard last year when I applied to College to get Elite Motorized Sports accepted as an official College Sport program. So I have the option to have a Remote-college session next winter even though I’m in Pre-med and you can’t usually do that. There’s a couple of other people that have taken advantage of that new sport program like the Dasilvas and Megan Brodeur for her Snocross season.
You’re in pre-med, so what do you see yourself doing in the future for work?
Medicine obviously, but I’m more of a lab rat and would like to be a radiologist. And maybe work in the sport with something like the Asterisk crew.
Well, we’re really looking forward to this East season because I don’t think we’ve seen you with a challenge this close in a while. Good luck and who would you like to thank?
I’m always up for a challenge. Remember last year Jeff predicted that Jacqueline Ross and Shannon Fleming were going to beat me, so we’ll see. Jeff is always wrong anyway (Laughs)!
I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to thank Motovan and their Black Rider program. Without them I wouldn’t be able to do all this traveling so hopefully they are still on board with my program for next year. Also, a big thank you to JSR and KTM for the support, Groupe Contant, Dunlop, TCX Boots, Zox Helmets, Oakley, Shot racegear, Brad at Club57, Mirco at KB5 Canada, Garage EMP, VR Medic, Profitness gym Laval, FMF, Rynopower Canada, Five gloves.
Also, a special thanks for the people that have helped while we were in California, John Turner from MotorMedic racing (Yes, ‘’the’’ John Turner), and Cari Schehr at Grindstone Compound for the hospitality.