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Catching Up with…Brad Nauditt

Catching Up with…Brad Nauditt By Billy Rainford In case you missed it in last week’s Frid’Eh Update that was dedicated to the #18 rider, Brad Nauditt… Well, we had enough fuel to get the Delorean back to week #18 this week (Yes, this should conclude our lame ‘Back to the Future’ references to cover up a mistake). Week #18 goes out to the Washington State native who we’ve all gotten

Catching Up with…Dylan Wright

Catching Up with…Dylan Wright By Billy Rainford In case you missed it in last week’s Frid’Eh Update… Dylan Wright from Richmond, Ontario, finished 6th in the competitive MX2 class in 2015 and will look to improve on his #17 this summer. He actually missed the Moncton, NB round at Riverglade or maybe he could have chased down Blake Savage for 5th overall. Fun Fact: Did you know that it was

Catching Up with…Blake Savage

In case you missed it… Catching Up with…Blake Savage By Billy Rainford For 2016, #16 belongs to the rider out of Utah we got to know very well over the past few years. Blake Savage could be one of the nicest riders you’ll ever meet. The fun-loving rider has blistering speed and now calls California home. I spoke with Blake for a long time in January out in California. You

Catching Up with…Shawn Maffenbeier

Catching Up with…Shawn Maffenbeier By Billy Rainford In case you missed it in last week’s Frid’Eh Update… Welcome to week #15 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update this week presented by Husqvarna Canada. For 2016, #15 will belong to Swift Current, Saskatchewan’s Shawn Maffenbeier. Shawn has been a staple on the Canadian scene for a long time and most people forget he’s only 23 years old. We got to know him very

Catching Up with…Donk

Catching Up with…Donk By Jeff McConkey If your goal is to be so known that people only need to say one name and it’s understood they mean you, then Scott Donkersgoed has arrived. The man known simply as ‘Donk‘ has been around all sides of the sport for years and continues to work for great riders both north and south of the border. Most recently, he has been spinning wrenches

The Long Dirt Road Back – A Conversation with Braydon Stuart

The Long Dirt Road Back – A Conversation with Braydon Stuart By Billy Rainford You probably remember hearing about the crash at an Arenacross race in Washington that caused serious damage to the likeable British Columbia rider, Braydon Stuart, a couple years ago. It was an ugly one that left Braydon with a head injury that threatened to change his very way of life. That was then, this is now.

Catching Up with…Jimmy Decotis

Catching Up with…Jimmy Decotis By Billy Rainford In case you didn’t get a chance to read our conversation with Jimmy Decotis in last week’s Frid’Eh Update, it’s worth a read: Welcome to week #12. Unfortunately, it’s looking like we won’t be seeing Jimmy Decotis representing the ‘one-two’ this summer in the 2016 Rockstar MX Nationals. Jimmy surprised a lot of people last spring when he came to Canada to compete

Catching Up with…Kaven Benoit

Catching Up with…Kaven Benoit By Billy Rainford In case you missed it in this week’s Frid’Eh Update, here’s our conversation with two-time Canadian MX2 champion, #11 Kaven Benoit:   Kaven Benoit is currently training down at Club MX in South Carolina. We stopped in to see how he’s doing a couple weeks ago. He looks great on the 450 and was tossing it around just like he did the smaller

Catching Up with…Bobby Kiniry | Life After Moto

Catching Up with…Bobby Kiniry | Life After Moto By Billy Rainford Last Friday was Week #7 for our Frid’Eh Update. #7 in 2016 is New York State’s Bobby Kiniry. We were unable to get in touch with the 9-5-er before the Update went live, but we wanted to be sure to talk with his as soon as was convenient for him. Unfortunately, Bobby fell hard in Sarnia, Ontario, while competing

Catching Up with…Brock Leitner

Catching Up with…Brock Leitner By Billy Rainford Although Brock Leitner‘s 2015 summer went through more downs than ups, the family was able to turn it all around once the indoor season started. They committed themselves to Arenacross over the winter and Brock even came away with a Pro Lites title along the way. They then loaded up to try their luck at Supercross at San Diego 2. We caught up