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Catching Up with…Marcus Nilsen

Catching Up with…Marcus Nilsen By Jeff McConkey When we first saw the fast 3-digit rider in Kamloops on the Husqvarna this summer, many of us were left scratching our heads wondering who it was. From the moment we walked up and spoke to Marcus Nilsen, we knew the friendly Florida rider would be a perfect fit for the Canadian series. Should he return in 2016, he will turn in his

Catching Up with…Jessica Patterson

Catching Up with…Jessica Patterson By Jeff McConkey When word got to us that 5-time WMX champion, Jessica Patterson, was possibly coming to Ulverton to compete in the third and final round of the 2015 CMRC Women’s East Nationals, we were pretty excited. Having won the American WMX title in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and then again in 2010, we knew we would be in for a treat when and if

Catching Up with…Women’s East Nationals Co-Organizer, Leah Clarke

Catching Up with…Women’s East Nationals Co-Organizer, Leah Clarke By Jeff McConkey With the Women’s East Nationals about to start next Saturday at Gopher Dunes, we wanted to catch up with co-organizer, Leah Clarke, to see what she’s been up to leading to this 3-round series. With such a busy schedule, it’s amazing she has time to do such a great job as returning co-organizer of the series. Jeff caught up

Catching Up with…Westen Wrozyna

Catching Up with …Westen Wrozyna By Jeff McConkey Intro by Billy Rainford Making the transition from highly-ranked amateur rider to first-year Pro can sometimes be difficult. It can be even tougher when you’re nursing a lingering injury. Newtonville, Ontario’s Westen Wrozyna found this out in 2014. Although he had a solid year with some impressive highlights, he wasn’t able to compete at the level he is accustomed to. He’s coming

Catching Up with…Jake Streichert

Catching Up with…Jake Streichert By Billy Rainford We’ve been following #194 Jake Streichert‘s progression the past few years and have been nothing short of impressed with his work ethic and speed. As he moved up through the ranks, we could tell he had all the tools needed to take the next step. All he needed was the equipment to do it. Well, he’s turning Pro for 2015 and was set

Catching Up with…Mike Smith, Mechanic for Cole Martinez

Catching Up with…Mike Smith, Mechanic for Cole Martinez By Billy Rainford If you’ve been around the Canadian Moto scene a while, you’ll remember the name Mike Smith. Mike could always be found at the Pro Nationals wrenching for one of the BC riders all across the country. Fast young riders like Kyle Beaton and Spencer Knowles appear prominently on the 29-year-old’s resume. Mike will be making his return to racing

Catching Up with…Sebastien Tortelli

Catching Up with…Sebastien Tortelli By Billy Rainford It’s not often we get the chance to talk to someone who has a World Championship to their credit, let alone two! When I noticed that Sebastien Tortelli was posting photos of Canadians on his ‘Champ Factory‘ Facebook page, I made an attempt to get in touch with him. And because motocrossers are the salt of the earth, he got back to me

Industry Spotlight: Kevin Kinrade from Mongoose Machine

Industry Spotlight: Kevin Kinrade from Mongoose Machine By Billy Rainford Photos provided by Kevin Kinrade It’s almost redundant to say motocross is full of great people – it goes without saying. Motocross is a sport that usually get a hold of you early and never let’s go. Sure, you can try leaving to go do something else, but the draw of the 2-wheel action is usually too strong and you

Catching Up with…Jared Petruska

Catching Up with…Jared Petruska By Jeff McConkey It is kind of rare now a days to hear about a Professional racer that can juggle school, a Monday-Friday job and still get solid results. Jared Petruska is one of those guys. Not only does he bust his butt all week, he gets it done on the race track on Sundays. Add in the fact that he double-classed the Moncton National and

Catching Up with…Cycle North’s Kourtney Lloyd

Catching Up with…Cycle North’s Kourtney Lloyd By Billy Rainford We’ve gotten to know Kourtney Lloyd and the entire Cycle North Family from out there in Prince George, BC over the past few years. From growing up as a child with parents knee-deep in motorsports, to now running the most comprehensive amateur motocross program in Canada and dipping her feet into the world of Pro motocross, Kourtney has seen more than