Catching Up with...

Catching Up with…Brock Leitner

Catching Up with…Brock Leitner By Billy Rainford Although Brock Leitner‘s 2015 summer went through more downs than ups, the family was able to turn it all around once the indoor season started. They committed themselves to Arenacross over the winter and Brock even came away with a Pro Lites title along the way. They then loaded up to try their luck at Supercross at San Diego 2. We caught up

Catching Up with…Mechanic, Steve Simms

Catching Up with…Mechanic, Steve Simms By Jeff McConkey Foreword by Billy Rainford In the category of ‘been there, done that,’ Steve Simms sits up near the top with just about anyone else you can think of. He’s actually got some skills on the bike, but has found his niche working on them instead. He runs his own race shop, Steve Simms Racing, won an MX1 championship with Matt Goerke in

Catching Up with…John Maguire from MMRS

Catching Up with…John Maguire from MMRS By Jeff McConkey Sometimes we need to step back and remember that this great sport of our is about much more than just the riders on the track. It takes an awful lot of planning, work, and money to get us to the point where a gate can even drop. MMRS has been doing a great job in central Ontario for a number of

Catching Up with…Tyler Medaglia

Catching Up with…Tyler Medaglia By Billy Rainford I pulled this one out of this week’s Frid’Eh Update #5 in case it got overlooked. It’s Week #5 here at the DMX Frid’Eh Update this week presented by the Toronto Supercross. If you either made it out to any of the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals last year, you know just how tight the racing was in the MX1 class up near the

Catching Up with…Josh Penner

Catching Up with…Josh Penner By Billy Rainford Manitoba’s Josh Penner has been around the sport of motocross for almost as long as he’s been alive. He’s come up all the way to the Pro level and traveled the circuit chasing his dream. However, lately he’s had his eye even higher in the sky and has made the move to the freestyle side of our extreme sport. Not only that, he’s

Catching Up with…Brett Metcalfe

Catching Up with…Brett Metcalfe By Billy Rainford In case you missed it in this past Friday’s ‘FridEh Update,’ here’s the chat we had with Rockstar Energy MX Nationals‘ 2016 #3 rider, Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha’s Brett Metcalfe: Welcome to Week #3 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update this week presented by Gamma Powersports. For 2016, #3 in the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals will be Australian rider Brett Metcalfe’s number. Brett now calls

Catching Up with…Nuclear Blast Records GM, Gerardo Martinez

Catching Up with…Nuclear Blast Records GM, Gerardo Martinez By Chris Elliott There definitely increased interest in the Slaton Racing team for 250 West Supercross this season. The KTM team is home for Canadian #127 Cole Thompson and #203 Zac Commans who is wearing Canadian FXR Racing gear. Canadian Chris Elliott sat down with one of the title sponsors’ main men, Nuclear Blast Records GM Gerardo Martinez to get his thoughts on

Catching Up with..Ryan Lockhart

Catching Up with…Ryan Lockhart By Billy Rainford #47 Ryan Lockhart has always been one of the most generous Pro riders with his time; whenever we need something, he is quick to help us out. With that in mind, when we had to miss his edition of the Frid’Eh Update a couple weeks ago because we were at the Mini O’s, we knew we had to catch up with him before

Catching Up with…Brittany Gagne

Catching Up with…Brittany Gagne By Jeff McConkey New Hampshire native, #265 Brittany Gagne, has been racing at the top level a long time. In fact, in 2008 she finished 32nd in the WMX and then took 37th in 2009. When she showed up at the Ottawa National at Sand Del Lee this past summer, she looked solid and finished 3rd overall (3-3). She drove all the way from Montana to

Catching Up with…Tanner Ward

Catching Up with…Tanner Ward By Billy Rainford Anyone who has followed Canadian amateur racing over the past few years has literally watched Tanner Ward grow up in front of their eyes. Always a front-runner, Tanner has been ear-marked for great things since first throwing a leg over a bike as a child. His strong performances over the years have attracted lots of manufacturer attention, but it is this latest interest