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#ICYMI | Catching Up with…#48 Alex Jeffery

#ICYMI | Catching Up with…#48 Alex Jeffery By Billy Rainford   Alex Jeffery is one of 3 Jeffery boys who raced or races Motocross. Alex earned himself #48 for the 2017 season after having some success in the MX2 class in 2016. However, we didn’t see Alex at the races this past summer, so we went along without ever seeing #48 on the track. We grabbed the youngest Jeffery to

#ICYMI | Catching Up with…Tallon LaFountaine

#ICYMI | Catching Up with…Tallon LaFountaine By Billy Rainford   We catch up with California racer, Tallon Lafountaine. | Bigwave photo Tallon LaFountaine lives basically at the base of Big Bear Mountain road. The past couple summers, Tallon has come north and raced like a rider we all wanted to see compete in the entire series. Unfortunately, his plans south of the border stopped him from joining the traveling Canadian

#ICYMI | Catching Up with… #767 Mason Wharton

#ICYMI | Catching Up with… #767 Mason Wharton By Billy Rainford We saw this racer at the first 4 rounds of the 2016 Rockstar Energy MX Nationals series and then he was gone. He was the fast rider on the Kawasaki with the very familiar last name. Mason Wharton is another fast rider from the Pacific Northwest and calls Battle Ground, Washington, home. He never showed up to run the

#ICYMI | Catching Up with…Dylan Delaplace

#ICYMI | Catching Up with…Dylan Delaplace By Billy Rainford 45 was the number I chose as my first-ever racing number and it’s always great to see who gets it each time the new numbers come out. In 2017, that lucky rider was Langley, BC rider, Dylan Delaplace. Dylan and his dad, Scott Delaplace, have been fixtures on the Canadian scene for a long time. Even if Dylan isn’t racing a

Preston Masciangelo | How’d Ponca City Go?

Preston Masciangelo | How’d Ponca City Go? By Billy Rainford The Oklahoma city, Ponca City, brings back memories of when I was racing mini bikes a long time ago. It was a far off place where the best of the best amateurs would race each other every year, and I always dreamed of lining up there. It never happened for me, but it’s cool that the event is still going.

#ICYMI | Catching Up with Jason Burke

#ICYMI | Catching Up with Jason Burke By Billy Rainford As we dive into the official off-season in Motocross, it’s nice to get the chance to talk to some of the racers who make Canadian Motocross the unique scene that it is. In other parts of the world, riders drop everything and focus solely on becoming the next Ricky Carmichael. Homeschooling is commonplace and and life becomes nothing but gate

Catching Up with…#910 Carson Brown

Catching Up with…#910 Carson Brown By Billy Rainford A few of the riders competing in the first weekend of competition at the Future West Moto Canadian Arenacross Championships were surprised to see fast, young American racer, Carson Brown, on the sign-up sheet. Carson is a rider to keep an eye on as he makes his way into the Pro ranks. He wanted to get his feet wet with some indoor

Catching Up with…Marcus Nilsen

Catching Up with…Marcus Nilsen By Billy Rainford Marcus Nilsen is the friendly Floridian we got to know over the past few years when he traveled north to race the Canadian Nationals. The #803 became a part of the traveling circus for a couple years and he had some great finishes along the way. He earned #43 for the 2017 season, but we never saw him up here running it. In

#ICYMI | Catching Up with…Gabriel Tremblay

#ICYMI | Catching Up with…Gabriel Tremblay By Billy Rainford The Quebec rider made it to all 6 rounds of the eastern swing of the 2017 Rockstar Energy MX Nationals, competing in the MX2 class. Gabriel Tremblay lives in La Baie, Quebec, and had a best round of 16th overall at Pleasant Valley. Here’s a look at his season: Direct Motocross: Hello, Gabriel. For those out there who may not be

2017 Motocross of Nations | Team Canada Post-Race Interviews

2017 Motocross of Nations | Team Canada Post-Race Interviews By Billy Rainford The 2017 Monster Energy Motocross of Nations has come and gone. This event is the biggest on the calendar and everyone wants to perform well in front of the world’s best. Team Canada MXON went in with high hopes of possibly matching or even besting their best-ever finish of 8th overall with a very strong team heading over