Frid’Eh Update #9 Presented by Loudmouth Intakes

Direct Motocross Frid’Eh Update Presented by Loudmouth Intakes By Kyle Carruthers, Jeff McConkey, and Billy Rainford Welcome to week #9 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update Presented by Loudmouth Intakes. We’ve gotten to know this rider pretty well the past few years. He hails from Idaho and has become a staple in Canada, earning a career high #6 for 2013. If you’ve been watching Supercross this season, you may have noticed

On the Radar: Dillon Murphy

On the Radar: Dillon Murphy By Jeff McConkey Name: Dillon Murphy Birthday: May 21, 1992 Hometown: Belleville, Ontario, Canada Occupation: Landscape Irrigation Technician Number: 87 Bike: Suzuki RMZ250 Race Club: MMRS, CMRC Classes: MX2 & MX3 Intermediate How did you get started in racing?  My parents first bought my brother and I a couple little Honda trail bikes in 2001. My father used to be a professional super-bike racer, and

Photos from Wednesday at GPF

Photos from Wednesday at GPF By Billy Rainford Remember yesterday when I half jokingly said I had heat stroke? Well, it turns out I was actually fighting some sort of flu bug. I’m the guy who swears up and down that he hasn’t thrown up or had the flu since…I can’t even remember. Well, now I know when the last time was. Anyway, there are worse places to feel under

Out of the Blue: Taylor Wright

  Out of the Blue: Taylor Wright By Jeff McConkey   Name:  Taylor Wright   Birthday:  January 10, 1999   Hometown:  Stratford, Ontario   School & Grade: Stratford Northwestern, grade 10   Number:  315   Bike: Yamaha 85   Race Club: CMRC, TVR   Classes: Open ladies, Supermini, Small-wheel junior   How did you get started in racing? My family was into motocross when I was younger but no one

450 SX Mid-Season Report Card

450 SX Mid-Season Report Card By Jeff McConkey The great Ricky Carmichael always said that the season “officially starts at Daytona.” Some riders start the series a little slow, and need time to peak. Others seem to start hot a fizzle out quickly. Let’s take a look at the top 20 in points and the grades that I have given them: 1st Ryan Dungey 199pts:  A+ I gave Ryan an A+,

GPF – On a Tuesday…

GPF – On a Tuesday… Photos and captions by Billy Rainford The weather…oh, the weather. It finally cooperated today and I have the near heat exhaustion to prove it. It hit 80 degrees/24 C here at the Georgia Practice Facility (GPF). That meant I figured I’d try to get all my sun in one day. That’s what I like about me…I never learn. Anyway, with the beautiful weather came the

5-Lap Sprint: 2015 Royal Distributing Fox KTM Canada

5-Lap Sprint – Team Royal Distributing Fox KTM Canada By Jeff McConkey This past weekend, I was lucky enough to get the invite to Montreal to hangout with the 2015 Royal Distributing Fox KTM Canada race team. After a great day of team meetings, we followed it up with a nice dinner and then some serious go-kart racing. We asked several team members a few of the same questions. Let’s hear

Faces at the Races: Atlanta 2 SX

Faces at the Races: Atlanta 2 SX By Billy Rainford The second of two Atlanta rounds of the 2015 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series took place in a packed Georgia Dome in downtown Atlanta. This was the first Supercross I’ve been able to attend so I was pretty excited to get back behind the lens to shoot this race. Racing has been amazing and there are always a few riders

Monday Morning Coffee

Monday Morning Coffee By Billy Rainford What we’ve got here, folks, is an old-fashioned ROAD TRIP! I’m not going to lie, sometimes the thought of these trips is much more romantic than the reality of sitting behind the wheel for 14 ½ hours, but if hitting the road as often as we do has taught me to adhere to only one old adage, it’s this one: be sure to stop

McThoughts: Atlanta 2 SX

McThoughts: Atlanta 2 SX By Jeff McConkey The second of 2 rounds in Atlanta went off on Saturday night. The track looked pretty tricky and lap times were a little longer. The start bottled in big-time making a good start crucial. Atlanta 2 was a ‘retro race’ and some of the teams went all out with some great looking old-school graphics. To go along with the retro bikes, a few gear companies jumped