A Few Nashville AX Photos

A Few Nashville AX Photos Photos by Mitch Goheen Captions by Billy Rainford   Mitch Goheen from Just Giver Productions made the trip down to Nashville, Tennessee, last weekend to compete in the Amsoil Arenacross Series Amateur Day racing. While he was there, he was good enough to sneak down to the floor to grab a few shots of the Pro action for us. Here’s a quick look from Bridgestone

Vicki Golden Will Attempt to Qualify for East Coast Lites SX in 2015 – REACTIONS

Vicki Golden Will Attempt to Qualify for East Lites SX in 2015 – Reactions By Jeff McConkey As most of you are aware, female rider, Vicki Golden, will be racing the 250 East SX for 2015. I hit up a few different people from the moto community to get their thoughts, concerns and predictions. Let’s hear what they think: Mitch Cooke (Retired Canadian MX Star and Former SX Racer for

On the Radar: Charlie Johnston

On the Radar: Charlie Johnston By Jeff McConkey Name: Charlie Johnston Birthday: January 29th, 1994   Hometown: Calgary, Alberta School & Grade or Occupation: Facility manager and head equipment operator at Wild Rose Motocross Association in Calgary Number: 185 Bike: 2015 Yamaha YZ450F Race Club: Wild Rose Motocross Association Classes: MX1 Pro How did you get started in racing? I got started in racing a little later than a lot of

McThoughts: A3

McThoughts: A3 By Jeff McConkey Round 5 took place this past Saturday night and it didn’t disappoint. Sure, there was hardly and bumping, but there was another “flag” issue. No, not another black flag, but this time a red flag. Yes, red flags are fairly common in SX, but not on the 6th lap. It’s kind of funny, John Gallagher can make an instant black flag call on Chad Reed

2015 Steel Shoe Fund 3-Hour Race – An Epic Tale by Jarrett King

2015 Steel Shoe Fund 3hr Race: “America’s Numb Bum” By: Jarrett King Take a quick look through our sponsor list and if you aren’t from Alberta, Texas, Louisiana or a couple other key places then I’m willing to bet your first thoughts are “Uh-Huh… Oil Money”. What else could explain why three guys would attempt to compete in a race 3000kms away from home in a neighboring country? Our dedicated

Out of the Blue: Kim Normandin

Out of the Blue: Kim Normandin By Jeff McConkey   Name: Kim Normandin Birthday: October 4th, 1996 Hometown:  Acton Vale, Quebec School or Occupation: DEP in Pastry Number: 373, but #6 for Nationals Bike: 2015 Honda 250f Race Club: Laliberté Motosport Classes: Women’s A, Junior and Women’s Nationals How did you get started in racing? A friend of my father started his kids racing and my dad tried motocross as well. After 1 month,  he bought

$2 Tuesday: Cole Thompson’s Rookie Pro SX – 2011 Montreal SX

$2 Tuesday: Cole Thompson’s Rookie Pro SX – 2011 Montreal SX By Billy Rainford This week, we take a look back at Brigden, Ontario’s Cole Thompson as he races his first big Pro Supercross at the 2011 Montreal event. Not only does he do very well, but he almost wins it! I tagged along with them and tried to document the whole adventure in this video.  

On the Radar: Carter Kolarek

On the Radar: Carter Kolarek By Jeff McConkey Photos by Harvey Gold   Name: Carter Kolarek Birthday: August 3rd, 1996 Hometown: Whitby, Ontario School & Grade: 1st year / Durham College for HVAC Number: 891 Bike : Yamaha YZ250f Race Club: CMRC / MMRS Classes: MX2 / MX3 Intermediate (CMRC), 250B / Open 250 (MMRS). What is your favourite track and why? Motopark. I love how the track flows. I

McThoughts: Oakland SX

McThoughts: Oakland SX By Jeff McConkey Hey, guys. For the fourth week in a row, we were treated to another great Saturday night. In 250 action, we saw another first-time winner in Malcolm Stewart. Nearing the end off the off-season, Malcolm had nothing on the go. He was forced to fund his own efforts for Red Bull Straight Rhythm and the Monster Cup and it paid off with a fill-in ride with Gieco

DMX Frid’Eh Update #3 Presented by Rekluse

DMX Frid’Eh Update #3 Presented by Rekluse By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford Week #3 in 2015 belongs to the same rider it did in 2014 – Tyler Medaglia. The older of the two Medaglia Brothers is one of the most-liked and respected riders on the circuit. He’s great with the media, respectful to his fellow riders, but one of the fiercest competitors you’ll ever meet. Hard work and dedication