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KTM East Supermini Nationals Podium

KTM East Supermini Nationals Podium 1. 184 Tanner Ward KTM 2. 19 Nick Cryer KTM 3. 20 Jeremy McKie KTM Tanner Ward is the proud new owner of a 2016 KTM 150 SX. Congratulations, Tanner. He says he’s going to go get it dirty at the Parts Canada TransCan at Walton Raceway next week.

Dusty Klatt MX Schools

Dusty Klatt MX Schools NANAIMO MX SCHOOL Sunday/AUG 16 2015/ 10:30-2PM $150 Per rider, 12 Riders max! 80cc + School covers body positioning, bike set up, cornering, jumping, braking, starts and developing you into a smooth and controlled racer by getting rid of bad riding habits!   Dusty Klatt 4x Canadian National Champion MX SCHOOL WildroseMX / Calgary, AB Sat / AUG 22/2015 Basics: 10AM-1:30 Advanced: 2-5:30 $150 per rider